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Cupcake Recipe for Kids with Peeps

Cupcake Recipe for Kids with Peeps

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This simple Easter Recipes For Kids is really easy to create. It is also a nut free recipe for kids. I usually have about 15 minutes to put something together quickly before my children lose interest and this is what we came up with. We melted the candi quicks according to the package and we created nest for our peeps. We also had to include an egg. These can be served alone or perched on the cupcake of your choice. I used one I bought at the store because I just didn’t have time to cook it and then cool it and then ice it. That my friends is a 3 hour project instead of one that lasts for 30 minutes or less.

Cupcake Recipe for Kids with Peeps

simple easter recipes for kids


If you get to the chocolate when it is still warm you do not need the icing to stick the egg on it.

simple easter recipes for kids

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Finally you can put it on top of a cupcake if you wish … we usually eat ours during a tea party and do not require a cupcake but if your child has a party or participates in a party these are adorable. You can also use them for a baby shower.


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Easter Recipes: Peeps Smores

Bright, Colorful and full of fun make Peeps Smores for Everyone!

Peeps Smores

I love peeps and was so excited that you can practically find them all year long. They are a little treat I allow myself every once in a while because who can eat just one. I was having company over and wanted to make a kid friendly snack that looked and tasted good. I knew all kids love smores but February in Michigan is a little to cold to be outside over a fire. I decided to add a twist and use Pink Bunny Peeps in place of the marshmallows. I put them on a baking sheet and presto-chango, we had Peeps Smores in just 10 minutes. The best part there were no sticky forks or fingers to clean up when we were done.

peep smores

Oven Baked Peeps Smores

Peeps Smores Ingredients

1 package of Peep Bunnies

4 chocolate bars

1 box of graham crackers



Break graham crackers in half and place 12 halves on baking sheet.

Break chocolate bars in pieces and place on top of graham crackers.

Top with a peep

Top with remaining graham cracker halves.

Bake on 275*  for  10 mintues or until chocolate is melted.

(Note-Peeps will Fluff up but once you smoosh down the top as you are eating it will ooze out ooey-gooey goodness)

peeps smores

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Easter Centerpiece: $5

Easter Centerpiece

 Easter Centerpiece

I had a challenge from my team can you create an Easter centerpiece for $5. I am Madame Deals so here is my entry. I used the items below with the help of three assistants to create an amazing centerpiece or hostess gift.

Easter Centerpiece

Here is what I had peeps $2, $1 lollipop sticks (I still have some left), cookies $1.00 (I bought the mix at the $1 store), glass bead $1 , scrapbook paper $.15, $.25 floral block the egg and oil $.20. The vase was from an orchid I got last year. I always save my cool looking vases. I got the peeps for free they were sent to me from Bj’s wholesale club. The pack of  50 peep is just $4.99. I know you have to buy yours so I used their price in my $5 challenge.

Easter Centerpiece

The first thing you are going to do is start putting the items on the sticks. I poked the cookies at the fattest part I could find. The I put the peeps on the sticks in singles and doubles.

Easter Centerpieces

This was a great centerpiece and a project to do with your kids. I love doing crafts with my kids and this was an easy one to accomplish! Then you will need to measure your scrap book paper and cut it to fit in the vase. YOu will need to add some in the back since it may not be long enough.

Then you will fold the paper a little bit so it stays in the vase. I added in the floral foam and then we put in our cookies and peep picks. The kids had a blast positioning them. This is part of letting them do what they want to do.

Easter Centerpiece

I just added a cute card that say’s Hoppy Easter I figured this would make a super gift. If you are placing this on your table you do not need a card. I think it is so important to involve your children in your decorating efforts and what better than to cook and create things for less that $5. If you make things and use your imagination you can live on less.That reminds me have you seen my $5 savings plan it helped me put thousand back into my pocket and it made my mailbox magical when I achieved financial success.

 Easter centerpiece

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