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Fun Healthy Kids Recipes: Smoothie Covered Pretzels

Fun Healthy Kids Recipes: Smoothie Covered Pretzels


Looking for fun healthy kids recipes to make? Check out the awesome smoothie covered pretzels! It’s a great way to get some good stuff in foods your kids already like! I used some awesome products from Healthy To Go for this recipe. Their awesome smoothie mix is super creamy and yummy, and their Vitarocks are vitamin pop rocks, and what kid wouldn’t like that right!?

Here is how to make fun healthy kids recipes: smoothie covered pretzels:


Fun Healthy Kids Recipes are good, and good for you!

This recipe has a great crunch and fruity flavor, and also adds some protein and vitamins to your kids diet. It’s also easy to make, it only took me about 15 mins, and they are a big hit in my house! make sure to check out other fun recipes like this on our Cooking with Kids page!

Mexican Recipes Kids – Easy Mexican Lasanga

My daughter loves to cook and made this Mexican Recipes kids

Easy Mexican Lasanga

I hate to throw out food but sometimes eating leftovers can be a drag. I have learned to re-purpose my leftovers into tasty delicious meals. My daughter really loves this recipe because she can put it together all on her own. She can’t wait for the day she can use the oven and make it all on her own.

She treated last night and made me this Mexican Recipes Kids- Mexican LasangaContinue reading

Quick Pizza Balls Recipe For Kids

Quick Pizza Balls Recipe For Kids

What do kids love more than pizza? Pizza that can fit in the palm of their hands, and that they can dip into sauce! My Quick Pizza Balls Recipe is a perfect and easy weeknight dinner that you and your kids will love! Not only is this pizza balls recipe easy to make, it’s something the kids can help out with, and each person can stuff their pizza ball with whatever they want! Let’s check out how to make themContinue reading

Healthy Snack Recipes for Kids : Lettuce Boats

Create Healthy Snack Recipes for Kids in Minutes

I attended a kid’s cooking class with my daughter the other night and it centered around packing lunches with healthy snacks. The one recipe they made was so simple and easy we had to try it at home. We made Lettuce Boats and the kids agreed that these made great healthy snack recipes for kids. They gave them 2 thumbs up. The best part is they can choose what vegetables they want to include and if they want to add dressing. Once you give kids control over their food, they tend to be more adventurous.Continue reading