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Cupcake Recipe for Kids with Peeps

Cupcake Recipe for Kids with Peeps

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This simple Easter Recipes For Kids is really easy to create. It is also a nut free recipe for kids. I usually have about 15 minutes to put something together quickly before my children lose interest and this is what we came up with. We melted the candi quicks according to the package and we created nest for our peeps. We also had to include an egg. These can be served alone or perched on the cupcake of your choice. I used one I bought at the store because I just didn’t have time to cook it and then cool it and then ice it. That my friends is a 3 hour project instead of one that lasts for 30 minutes or less.

Cupcake Recipe for Kids with Peeps

simple easter recipes for kids


If you get to the chocolate when it is still warm you do not need the icing to stick the egg on it.

simple easter recipes for kids

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Finally you can put it on top of a cupcake if you wish … we usually eat ours during a tea party and do not require a cupcake but if your child has a party or participates in a party these are adorable. You can also use them for a baby shower.


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Easter Recipes: Peeps Smores

Bright, Colorful and full of fun make Peeps Smores for Everyone!

Peeps Smores

I love peeps and was so excited that you can practically find them all year long. They are a little treat I allow myself every once in a while because who can eat just one. I was having company over and wanted to make a kid friendly snack that looked and tasted good. I knew all kids love smores but February in Michigan is a little to cold to be outside over a fire. I decided to add a twist and use Pink Bunny Peeps in place of the marshmallows. I put them on a baking sheet and presto-chango, we had Peeps Smores in just 10 minutes. The best part there were no sticky forks or fingers to clean up when we were done.

peep smores

Oven Baked Peeps Smores

Peeps Smores Ingredients

1 package of Peep Bunnies

4 chocolate bars

1 box of graham crackers



Break graham crackers in half and place 12 halves on baking sheet.

Break chocolate bars in pieces and place on top of graham crackers.

Top with a peep

Top with remaining graham cracker halves.

Bake on 275*  for  10 mintues or until chocolate is melted.

(Note-Peeps will Fluff up but once you smoosh down the top as you are eating it will ooze out ooey-gooey goodness)

peeps smores

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Decorating with Peeps : $5 Easter Centerpiece

Create a $5 Easter Centerpiece that looks Delicious!


easter centerpiece

We were issued a challenge to create a $5 Easter Centerpiece. I will be honest and admit that I lack the creative gene. I am the person who pins stuff on Pinterest because it looks cool but never gets around to doing any of it. To be honest,I don’t see why I need it because I have my mom. Don’t worry I don’t have her locked in a closet making crafts all day.  I let her out for meals and to sleep a few hours. Seriously though, she has the knack for creating cute ideas so I gave her this challenge. My daughter was over for the night so this is their $5 Easter Centerpiece!

Items Used for Easter Centerpiece

1 pack of Bunny Peeps – $1

1 bag of Easter grass – $1

1  bag of jellybeans – $1

Easter Egg Sticks- $1

Recycled Candle Holder -FREE (You can use one from the Dollar Store.)

This is a great project to make for teacher’s gifts, hostess gifts, or as a Get Well Present. What is perfect is your child or children can do this on their own because it does not involve any gluing or cutting. The only thing you may have to watch out for is them eating the candy they should be using in the craft. So get them the supplies and let them have at it and see what their Easter Centerpiece looks like.

How to Create your Easter Centerpiece

Pour Jelly Beans into Vase/Candleholder.

Take the Bunny Peeps and place them around the inside of the vase with their faces pointing outward.

Put your Easter Egg Picks into the Jelly Beans placing them how you want them.

Top with Easter Grass and you are done.

Display on table or dress up a cake plate with some Easter Grass and set it in the middle.

easter centerpiece

Disclaimer: No Mother’s were subjected to undo stress, work conditions, or cranky children during the making of this craft.


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