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May 17, 2014

Selling a House Tips: Maximize the Profit from Your Home Sale

Selling a House Tips

Selling a House Tips

Selling a House Tips: How to Maximize the Profit from Your Home Sale

Spring is one of the best times to sell your home. The weather is nice, the flowers are in bloom (improving curb appeal), and for people who prefer to move during Summer, spring is the time to buy or sell. But selling your home is more than keeping it clean and posting a “For Sale” sign in the yard. There are many affordable things you can do increase the value of your home. Below is a home seller checklist of tasks to get your home in top shape to maximize your profit from the home sale.

Selling a House Tips: Checklist

Make Needed Repairs

Check that the following are working properly:

  • Faucets and toilets (not leaking)
  • Drains (not clogged or slow)
  • Doors and Windows (no squeaks, they close all the way)
  • Air handler (working and not making unusual noises)
  • Roof (no leaks)
  • Lights – inside and out (working)
  • Decks, porches (not squeaking, no lose boards)
  • Garage (door closes and locks)
  • Driveway (no potholes)

Clear the Clutter

Clutter can make your home seem smaller and makes it more difficult for home buyers to see themselves living there.

  • Store excess furniture
  • Pack up books and knickknacks
  • Clear off shelves
  • Remove personal photos, awards etc off walls and shelves
  • Clean out closets (storage is a big selling feature)
  • Clean up toys
  • Organize and clean up gardening tools
  • Get rid of extra patio furniture (too much makes your deck look small)

Deep Clean

Home buyers are turned off by icky grout and stains. Scrub your house top to bottom to make it look as clean and new as possible.

  • Clean floors and carpets. Consider hiring a floor cleaning professional or even replacing tired looking carpet.
  • Clean baseboards
  • Clean doors and door frames (these areas tend to have a lot of built up handprints)
  • Clean windows including the sills (sills tend to get dirt and dead bugs)
  • Clean appliances top, bottom and inside (don’t forget the top of the fridge and floors under appliances)
  • Wash cupboard doors, frames and shelves
  • Power wash exterior of home
  • Sweep and treat your deck and/or porch
  • Get rid of weeds on the lawn, driveway and walkways


Clean is good, but adding freshness to clean boosts buyers’ perceptions of a well-kept home.

  • Paint rooms a clean, neutral color
  • Paint base boards and door frames
  • Add window treatments that let light in natural light
  • Wash or buy new linens and towels for bed and bath
  • Place fresh flowers around the home during a showing
  • Plant colorful flowers outside
  • Clean up and/or add landscaping

About the Author: Monticello Country Realtors has been providing home selling and buying services to Fluvanna County and Central Virginia for 3o years. Stop by Monticello Country Realtors to see current homes for sale, including waterfront listings, get home buying and selling tips and more. Don’t forget to visit them on Facebook for current news and information about Central Virginia.

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Home Buyer Guide: Tips for Buying Your First Home

February 19, 2013

Home Buyer Guide: Tips for Buying Your First Home

Home Buyer Guide

Home Buyer

I can remember when we bought our home 9 years ago. I wish I knew then what I know now. I would have saved time and I would have saved money. I did really know how to negotiate. I saw what we wanted and we had the money so we bought it. I think back to what we paid out of pocket and what we could have had rolled into the deal and I cringe. I see places in my home that I should have upgraded at the time because 8 years later they are still not upgraded. I have learned to be patient and research homes in my area. I have learned to really be careful whom I chose to represent me as a realtor. We picked someone who wasn’t from the area and I think his lack of personal relationships in our county cost us money. I believe it isn’t what you know but often whom you know. Impulse buying can bring regret and disappointment. I like our house but if I had the kitchen I wanted and the extra closet and additional bathroom then I would love it.


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