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April 18, 2014

PVC Pipe Craft Projects: $20 Photography Studio Setup

PVC Pipe Craft Projects

$20 Photography Studio Setup



Have you ever wondered how bloggers take such great photos of our recipes? Or how we can bring out the best features in the products we review? It’s simple! We have PVC Pipe Craft Projects photography studio setup! Now, some people spend lots of money buying premade  Photography studio setup which work great, but you can get the same great set up for a fraction of the cost by making it yourself! The photography set I made cost $20, and took me (and my awesome husband who helped) about 1/2 an hour.  You don’t need any special tools or equipment to make this $20 Photography Studio Setup other than a hacksaw! Are you ready to learn how to make one? Here we go! Continue reading

February 5, 2014

PVC Pipe Craft Projects: Easy Knit Scarf Patterns

PVC Pipe Craft Projects

PVC Pipe Craft Projects

I am in love with PVC Pipe Craft Projects. I must admit I like to make things out of other things. I have always been hands on. I was on pinterest and I saw a project that I really wanted to do. It was hand knitting. I tried. I know how to knit. I have knitted scarfs in the past. I thought how hard can hand knitting be? I decided I needed a easy knit scarf patterns.

I placed the yarn on my wrist. I followed the you tube video above. Then my kids needed something. I was wrapped up. I looked like a ticked off cat. I tried to get the yarn off. Then it just became a big  ball of a mess. I thought to myself. When do I really have 30 minutes to knit anything without being interrupted. That brought me to the realization that I could knit this project if my needles we large enough in circumference. That made me hit the home depot. I walked the aisles looking for something to knit with. I decided the PVC pipes would make a great craft. I used them to knit. You can click on the image below to see my easy knit scarf patterns. The cost of my knitting needles that came from the plumbing department was $6.00 . They are really 12″ Tailpiece for sink part number 24628. I liked these because of the lip on the end.


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diy photography

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PVC Pipe Craft Projects

February 4, 2014

PVC Pipe Craft Projects: Photography Set

PVC Pipe Craft Projects

diy photography

I am new to photography. I  kind of jump in with both feet but my purse was to light to really jump all the way in. I am really working hard on taking my images to the next level. The issue is photography is very expensive.  I found that PVC Pipe Craft Projects can not only save you money but they can make easily mobile photograph shooting centers.



  • Measuring Tape
  • PVC pipe cutter (you can use a saw)
  • 4 pieces of PVC pipe
  • 4 of each of the PVC shapes above


The first thing you need to decide is the width of your photo studio. I knew I wanted to use mine with these 2×2 backgrounds so I did what any normal person would do I measured.


Then I laid out my pipe for the top and the bottom I measure a little longer than my background and took into account the corner pvc pieces.


Then we marked the pvc pipe with a pencil and decided to cut it.

DIY photography center


You want to do the same thing with the sides. I built mine using the same measurements because if I want to make it  taller I can put in taller PVC poles or wider that can also be altered by the length of the pole.

DIY photography

You will want to take your pole laugh and cut it in half to make your legs for the project.

PVC Pipe Craft Projects

You will make two of these. They will stabilize your set. The V shape should face away from the center on both sides. You will need to make sure you add the end caps to make sure you can easily move your photography set.

PVC Pipe Craft Projects

Then you will add the T shaped PVC pipe the one of the long PVC pipes

PVC Pipe Craft Projects

Then you will need to add your sides.

PVC Pipe Craft Projects

Finally add the corner pieces and the additional bar across. I would label the pac pipes with the length. In case you want to have multiple sets and set ups.

PVC Pipe Craft Projects

These are some images I took using the set up..

Kids Drinkkids drink recipes

If you are interested in more PVC Pipe Craft Projects I used PVC pipes to make knitting needles. Cool ha?

PVC Pipe Craft Projects

PVC Pipe Craft Projects

PVC Pipe Craft Projects

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