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April 18, 2014

PVC Pipe Craft Projects: $20 Photography Studio Setup

PVC Pipe Craft Projects

$20 Photography Studio Setup



Have you ever wondered how bloggers take such great photos of our recipes? Or how we can bring out the best features in the products we review? It’s simple! We have PVC Pipe Craft Projects photography studio setup! Now, some people spend lots of money buying premade  Photography studio setup which work great, but you can get the same great set up for a fraction of the cost by making it yourself! The photography set I made cost $20, and took me (and my awesome husband who helped) about 1/2 an hour.  You don’t need any special tools or equipment to make this $20 Photography Studio Setup other than a hacksaw! Are you ready to learn how to make one? Here we go! Continue reading

January 28, 2014

Frugal Ways To Save Money: Camera Bags

   Frugal Ways To Save Money

frugal ways to save

I decided that I was going to share with you Frugal Ways To Save Money.  I think using your brain is the best way to figure out ways to save money. I recently bought a camera and a new lens. The camera was very expensive as was the lens. I realized I didn’t have anywhere safe to keep these item. I started to investigate camera bags. I was shocked to see they started at $100 and the cute ones that I liked were around $300. Truth be told I had spent all my money on the equipment and $300 is almost as much as the lens I am saving for.

I began to think about what a camera bag is. It is a bag with a compartment that keeps lens and the camera body safe. I did what everyone would do and I went to amazon and I searched. Camera bag inside. Then on page two I saw Camera Bag insert. Yes, that is what it is called. I came across a couple of choices. Then I went up stairs in my closet and I pulled out my bag and purse collection. I tried to decide which bag would be most useful as a camera bag. Then I found a purse I had that I could fit a camera in. I found a brief case and two tote bags. I measure out what the inserts would be to try to get an idea of which one would fit.

Then I put the camera and the lens in each box and visualized the additional padding. I decided I had a good chance at making three bags I had on hand into camera bags for the cost of the insert.

Clik Elite CE510RE Capsule Small (Red)


Here are some more pictures of what I put in my Clik Elite case. Then you can see I used two of my purses. The camera I have is the Canon 6d

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September 3, 2012

The Egg

I am attending community college this semester which has been a n eye opener in more ways then one. I have always wanted to learn to use my camera. I have a cannon EOS Rebel XSI. I always wanted a nice camera so one year my husband “bought” me one. He actually used airline miles to get me one. I have taken some great shots. They have all been very lucky. I wanted to actually learn how to use the camera because there isn’t anything more important to me then preserving our memories. I thought I would share the top three things I learned last week. I am sure you may know these things I had NO idea. I am never embarrassed by what I do not know if I am willing to learn.

1) Tip one put on a lens hood on your camera because it will aid in the protection of your lens

2) Buy a UV Lens Cover  

3) I learned when you are going to take a picture on AUTO then hold down the button 50% of the way and let the SLR camera make corrections. You should not just mash down the button.

4) I learned that you should take tons of pictures and move a little bit at time to obtain the proper coverage of your subject.

5) I last cool thing that I learned what shutter speed was. I had no idea what that number meant on my camera.