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March 18, 2017

Edible Easter Peeps Houses

Edible Easter Peeps Houses

Edible Peeps Houses

When I looked outside this morning I saw something I haven’t seen in about 2 or 3 months, sunshine! What a beautiful site! The sunshine got me in the mood to make a fun Easter Project to share with all of you! My daughters absolute favorite Easter (or really, any other time of year) candy are Peeps! What’s not to love about a sugar covered marshmallow in cute little shapes right!?

So over the weekend we made these super cute Edible Easter Peeps Houses that would be perfect for a fun and easy Easter Project to make with your kids. My daughter had a great time making (and eating) her Peeps House! Lets check out how to make it:

Here is how to make these DIY Edible Easter Peeps Houses:

peeps houses

You Will Need:

  • Peeps!
  • Gram Crackers
  • Frosting
  • chocolate (or jellybean) eggs
  • Shredded Coconut
  • Green food coloring

peeps houses steps

First, you will grab your gram crackers and break them in half. You will need 6 piece total. Using your frosting construct your house. (1 for the bottom, 2 for the sides, 1 for the back, and 2 for the top).

peeps house complete

Next, When your house is complete it will look like the one above. Let dry. before messing with it. (Trust me, if you get impatient and try to add stuff to it before it’s dry it will fall and make you really sad.)

peeps grass

Then, pour some of your shredded coconut into a bowl and put a few drops of green food coloring into the bowl and mix. This will be the grass for your peep to sit on!

peeps houses diy


Finally, Sprinkle some “grass” on the bottom of your peeps house and decorate with candy eggs, and of course don’t forget to add your Peeps! Don’t they look cute!?

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March 19, 2016

Peeps Projects and Recipes Round Up!

Here is your roundup for all Peeps Projects and Recipes!

Peeps Projects and Recipes Round Up!

Easter is right around the corner! What better way to celebrate then with Marshmallow Peeps? Little bunnies and chicks shaped out of marshmallow goodness? Yes please! Did you know Peeps has been around since 1953?? Peeps started out at just yellow “chicks” for Easter but have since evolved to lots of different colors, and shapes, including Bunnies for Easter,  Pumpkins for Halloween, Hearts for Valentines day, and Christmas Trees for Christmas!Continue reading

Cupcake Recipe for Kids with Peeps

Cupcake Recipe for Kids with Peeps

peepspeep recipes

This simple Easter Recipes For Kids is really easy to create. It is also a nut free recipe for kids. I usually have about 15 minutes to put something together quickly before my children lose interest and this is what we came up with. We melted the candi quicks according to the package and we created nest for our peeps. We also had to include an egg. These can be served alone or perched on the cupcake of your choice. I used one I bought at the store because I just didn’t have time to cook it and then cool it and then ice it. That my friends is a 3 hour project instead of one that lasts for 30 minutes or less.

Cupcake Recipe for Kids with Peeps

simple easter recipes for kids


If you get to the chocolate when it is still warm you do not need the icing to stick the egg on it.

simple easter recipes for kids

Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 10.02.30 PM

Finally you can put it on top of a cupcake if you wish … we usually eat ours during a tea party and do not require a cupcake but if your child has a party or participates in a party these are adorable. You can also use them for a baby shower.


peepscupcake vertical

We just love cupcakes at Madame Deals Cupcake Recipe for Kids

We also love peeps so check out more great posts using peeps to decorate.


Peeps Projects and Recipes Round Up!

Marshmallow Recipes

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March 17, 2013

Peeps Decorations You Can Make

Peeps Decorations You Can Make


We love our Peeps. The problem is my kids open them up and eat one. Then they get stale. I decided I would come up with  Peeps: Decorations You Can Make with your kids. I believe it is so important to spend time with your kids and creating projects that are self directed are an amazing way to make memories. I always take out a bunch of items and let them make choices and come up with projects to share with the family. They have a sense of accomplishment and pride to show everyone their craft. I have to say that my children ask me to take pictures of their crafts because they are so excited then they ask me to blog about them. I of course do so to inspire you to make memories with your children.

  Peeps Decorations You Can Make

 Peeps: Decorations You Can Make

We try to do our decorations of centerpieces for under $5. I have one of these floral wheels on hand because you can reuse them. It was $1.79 and then the peeps were $.99 a pack. You will need two packs. The I found some ribbon in my collection. I usually buy it from the $1 bin at target or Michaels craft store. You will also need a glue gun and glue sticks or a good craft glue.

The first thing you do is take gift wrapping ribbon or ribbon and wind it around the wheel to cover it. You can paint it if you want but then it wouldn’t recycle again.The next thing you do is arrange them around the wheel. Once you have your idea complete then you simply apply the glue to secure them to the floral wheel. I then took ribbon to the top to make a wreath. You can leave yours off and place it on your table for your $5 centerpiece. I just think this is a great way to recycle Stale Peeps.

Peeps: Crafts you can Make

Topic: Peeps Decorations You Can Make

Easter Recipes: Peeps Smores

Bright, Colorful and full of fun make Peeps Smores for Everyone!

Peeps Smores

I love peeps and was so excited that you can practically find them all year long. They are a little treat I allow myself every once in a while because who can eat just one. I was having company over and wanted to make a kid friendly snack that looked and tasted good. I knew all kids love smores but February in Michigan is a little to cold to be outside over a fire. I decided to add a twist and use Pink Bunny Peeps in place of the marshmallows. I put them on a baking sheet and presto-chango, we had Peeps Smores in just 10 minutes. The best part there were no sticky forks or fingers to clean up when we were done.

peep smores

Oven Baked Peeps Smores

Peeps Smores Ingredients

1 package of Peep Bunnies

4 chocolate bars

1 box of graham crackers



Break graham crackers in half and place 12 halves on baking sheet.

Break chocolate bars in pieces and place on top of graham crackers.

Top with a peep

Top with remaining graham cracker halves.

Bake on 275*  for  10 mintues or until chocolate is melted.

(Note-Peeps will Fluff up but once you smoosh down the top as you are eating it will ooze out ooey-gooey goodness)

peeps smores

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March 9, 2013

Decorating with Peeps: $5 Hatching Peeps Garden for Easter

The team here at Madame Deals have a challenge, who can create a cute Easter Centerpiece with only $5? Well here is My (Rachelle) Entry!

Hatching Peeps Garden for Easter

Peeps Project

How cute is this!? And I only spend $5 to make it! It was super easy and fun to make, Now if I could only keep my 4 year old from trying to steal the Peeps, we have already lost the hatching Peeps on top, they never had a chance. I fear the rest of them won’t make it to Easter.

Here is what you will need for this Easter Craft:

Easter Peeps

  • Peeps! (On sale, 2 for $1!)
  • Easter Grass ($0.33)
  • Easter Eggs ($0.88)
  • Vase ( $0.50 find at goodwill!)
  • Ribbon (FREE, I had it at home haha)

Directions for this Easter  Craft:

Easter Peeps

1. Start by opening the peeps (and trying not to eat them) and layering them in alternating colors until you reach the top!

2. Make sure you are layering the Peeps against the glass, so you have a nice hole in the middle!

3. Stuff the grass down in the hole and fluff over the top

4. Add a few eggs at the top, and open a few of them (depending on how big your vase is) and pop a few peeps in there, to make it look like the just “hatched”

Peeps Project

5. Add a decorative ribbon and tada! A super cute Easter Decoration for $5!

This Easter Craft would be great for a table, a mantle, or an Easter Buffet! Its pretty, and pretty cheap too!

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