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Karla’s Korner: Try A Little Kindness

Karla’s Korner: Try A Little Kindness

Karla's Korner: Try A Little Kindness

Try A Little Kindness…

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote “Life is short, but there is always time enough for courtesy.” British author and Baptist preacher John Bunyan is quoted as saying “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” This quote has been one of my favorites for a long time and ironically Bunyan died on this day (August 31) in 1688. While the message originated over 300 years ago the sentiment remains the same; kindness matters.Continue reading

December 26, 2013

Small Things Make Big Difference

Thought Provoking Thursday

Do you believe that Small Things Make Big Difference?

small things make big difference

If you were given a chance to help someone else, how will you do it and who will you give it to?

This is the challenge that Amee aka MadameDeals gave to us this week. This is called the Envelope Project! The goal is to take a moment to help someone else. Amee gave us each $10 to give it to someone and report back on what we did and how it made us feel. We want to show you how small things make big difference, as long as we have a giving heart.

Small Things Make Big Difference – Envelope Project:Continue reading

January 27, 2012

Fashion Friday: Dresses


I love to wear pretty clothes. I love them even more if I paid pennies on the dollar. I love that I can help others with my shopping tips and tricks.


   This week I hope you dance is part of my pay it forward FRIDAY. I believe that a dress can make an event. I also know how expensive they are. we all have one in our closet that we spent to much on. I have a couple that I would never wear again but I spent a lot on them so they are still in there. This week I am taking three of the dresses that I haven’t worn in awhile and I am donating them to Donate My Dress. I believe giving someone else the opportunity to experience feeling like a million bucks is priceless.

If you are on facebook head over and choose a dress style for each one selected you can Pay it Forward because

 For every girl that chooses her dress style on the Always Facebook page, $1 will be donated to Donate My Dress up to 25k dollars! Please visit the Always Facebook page, select your style and share.


From the $25,000 donation, five deserving DonateMyDress.org chapters will receive $5,000 through DonateMyDress.org’s Purple Dress Awards.  The Purple Dress Awards recognize the most outstanding chapters of the DonateMyDress.org network.

Come on and donate a dress with me. Leave a comment if you can help!

Donate MY Dress is available in these locations.