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January 27, 2012

Fashion Friday: Dresses


I love to wear pretty clothes. I love them even more if I paid pennies on the dollar. I love that I can help others with my shopping tips and tricks.


   This week I hope you dance is part of my pay it forward FRIDAY. I believe that a dress can make an event. I also know how expensive they are. we all have one in our closet that we spent to much on. I have a couple that I would never wear again but I spent a lot on them so they are still in there. This week I am taking three of the dresses that I haven’t worn in awhile and I am donating them to Donate My Dress. I believe giving someone else the opportunity to experience feeling like a million bucks is priceless.

If you are on facebook head over and choose a dress style for each one selected you can Pay it Forward because

 For every girl that chooses her dress style on the Always Facebook page, $1 will be donated to Donate My Dress up to 25k dollars! Please visit the Always Facebook page, select your style and share.


From the $25,000 donation, five deserving DonateMyDress.org chapters will receive $5,000 through DonateMyDress.org’s Purple Dress Awards.  The Purple Dress Awards recognize the most outstanding chapters of the DonateMyDress.org network.

Come on and donate a dress with me. Leave a comment if you can help!

Donate MY Dress is available in these locations.


January 13, 2012

Pay it forward Friday

This year Madame Deals has a mission to unite people through good deeds and giveaways.

$100 story

I cleaned out all of our shoes and then spent $20 at goodwill on shoes all to donate to the homeless. Amee (Madame Deals)

Making lots of hair goodies for little girls in need! {The Sophie Lou Project} Kate

Finished a blanket I have been working on for a homeless person! Angie

I had to get a large flat rate box instead of a medium flat rate so I could mail the elderly woman everything she was needing. I used my cvs bucks and get the rest of her items. The postman said she would get the box tomorrow so she will be able to have all the nessesities to wash up and clean her house. Friday the 13th Jaime fell up the stairs at the post office knees are all messed up palms messed up Thank you box for saving my face. Jamie sent tons of beauty supplies to someone in need!

I gave a lady I work with 2 of our gift cards to restaurants that we got for Christmas just so she could have a date night with her husband who just lost his job. Mary

My grandaughter and I went through her things here and donated to the local ministry. They are never too young to learn to think of others! JO
This morning I am going to the post office to mail an elderly woman I met online a care package with all the toiletries that she needs and cant afford. It is sad that our elderly cant afford these things and have to choose between meds and food and basic essentials. Jamie
I’ve spent the past two weeks collecting coats and clothes for several kids I know. Been going though clothes and making piles for where they can best be used. Cleaning out the “linen” dual purpose closet to see what needs to move on. Any extra’s are going to the homeless. (soaps, razor’s, etc.)-really need to go through my own closet as well. I use about 1/3 of what I own. Why do I have all these clothes that I do not wear? Some could probably be used for job interviews for someone. Wanda

I went thru my closet and dug out everything i havent worn and am taking it to the thrift store Victoria
For as long as I can remember, my mom has given clothes, shoes, household goods, etc. to Goodwill and the Salvation Army. Still today, when I go through our clothes or change lamps, etc., I drop off my items at Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Tamatha

Check out this article written by my fans. and Pay it Forward Friday https://madamedeals.com/100-story/100-things-you-can-do-to-help-others-for-free