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February 19, 2013

Home Buyer Guide: Tips for Buying Your First Home

Home Buyer Guide

Home Buyer

I can remember when we bought our home 9 years ago. I wish I knew then what I know now. I would have saved time and I would have saved money. I did really know how to negotiate. I saw what we wanted and we had the money so we bought it. I think back to what we paid out of pocket and what we could have had rolled into the deal and I cringe. I see places in my home that I should have upgraded at the time because 8 years later they are still not upgraded. I have learned to be patient and research homes in my area. I have learned to really be careful whom I chose to represent me as a realtor. We picked someone who wasn’t from the area and I think his lack of personal relationships in our county cost us money. I believe it isn’t what you know but often whom you know. Impulse buying can bring regret and disappointment. I like our house but if I had the kitchen I wanted and the extra closet and additional bathroom then I would love it.


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