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Easy Halloween Makeup for Kids: Monster High Makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup for Kids: Monster High Makeup


Monster High has been a popular Halloween costume for a few years now, and I can see why, they are SO cute! My little girl personally is in love with all things Monster High, and has every doll, and even the ! So I decided to see how easy it would be to recreate these most popular Monster High character looks. We went with Frankie Stein, Abbey Bominable, and Draculaura! I decided to go with more of a “Makeup” look, rather than a “Facepaint” look. I was able to achieve some pretty cute looks, and I think this makeup would go perfect with any Monster High CostumeContinue reading

September 16, 2016

Zombie Makeup for Kids

Zombie Makeup for Kids



So your little prince (or princess!) wants to be a zombie for Halloween this year huh? This might be exciting for some of you, and not so exciting for others. Either way I’m here to show you a super easy way to do some quick zombie makeup for kids that you and your kids will love! This while makeup took me about 30 minuets to put on, and came off super easy when I was done! The best part is I only had to buy 2 things from the store, the rest of what I used I already had at the house! That big “wound” on her head? It’s toilet paper! So are you ready?Continue reading

How to Choose the Best Mascara

What is the best mascara? That is a question I ask myself all the time. I need to have beautiful lashes since my real ones aren’t nice. I am still using Rapid Lash that I reviewed in my Rapid Lash Review Post.  It works but I wanted instant results because I can’t say to people my lashes will look incredible just wait. I need them to look good now. In my makeup toolkit, I always start with skin care. Then I put on my sunscreen. We all know I put on my red lipstick. You can see which red lipstick is the best in the best red lipstick post I wrote. I am an expert on red lipstick . Then after my lipstick, I put on mascara. I have different moods, so my mascara has to match. I have the I want long lashes and a want bad bottom volume intense lashes. What is the best mascaraContinue reading

May 3, 2014

DIY Magnetic Makeup Board

DIY Magnetic Makeup Board

magnetic makeup board

Do you have lots of makeup laying around? I have the same problem! There are times that it’s hard to find what I need easily whenever I’m in rush, that’s why I want to share with you a great way to organize your makeup and beauty products. I super love my DIY Magnetic Makeup Board, it only took me a few minutes to make and now I can see what I need easily, no need to search drawers or makeup bags.  You can even make several boards for your morning or night skincare and makeup routine.

How to Make DIY Magnetic Makeup Board



  • Cloth large enough to cover your board.
  • Glue Gun
  • Magnets
  • You can also use magnetic tape
  • Magnetic Dry-Erase Board  (Size depends on what you want)


First make sure to iron your cloth to flatten and remove the wrinkles.

Measure enough cloth size that will cover your magnetic board.

magnetic makeup

Then place your cloth on the table, with the back part facing upward.

Then place your magnetic board on top.

Stick the magnets at the back of your board.

Using the glue gun, put glue around the edge of the magnetic board.


Next wrap the cloth around the magnetic board. Sticking it to the glued part.

Make sure to stretch it properly, so the front part will be wrinkle free.


This is how it looks now.


Next part is to place magnets at the back of your makeup or other beauty products. You can use glue gun to stick your magnets or buy those magnetic tapes.


That’s it, enjoy your DIY Magnetic Makeup Board!

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