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Make Your Own Natural Lotion

So you just exfoliated and want to rehydrate your skin, so of course you’re going to reach over and grab your $10 bottle of lotion that contains alcohol! Uhmm hello?! You just exfoliated your skin, do you really want to dry it out? I didn’t think so either! So let’s do us both a favor, put that bottle down and go into your kitchen. I have a few things you need to grab so that you can make your own lotion. If you want to know the cost, you’ll be able to make 10 8oz bottles for $2 each as the final price!

? 1 cup apricot kernel oil or olive oil
? ¼ cup coconut oil
? ¼ cup beeswax
? ¼ cup water
? Essential oil of your choice
? Vegetable base color (optional)
? Saucepan
? Stove
? PET lotion bottleContinue reading