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July 14, 2016

5 Simple Ways Using a Laptop Can Help Your Child in School

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5 Simple ways using a laptop can help your child in school

I understand we want our children to play outside. We want them to interact with the universe, but there is also a lot of learning to be done online. I have found as a teacher that technology is often able to seamlessly bridge the gap between a student that is performing highly and one that isn’t. That is because we all learn differently. There is a multitude of road blocks that often prevent students from achieving the greatness that they are capable, and some are as simple as overcoming their fear. I highly suggest this laptop from HP.

5 Simple Ways Using a Laptop Can Help Your Child in School

I have seen struggling writers blossom with the introduction of a computer because of the spell check functionality. Students often skip over thoughts or ideas because they can’t spell them, so their stories are bland and simply written. I also highly suggest Grammarly¬†for any age. I start my students out using google docs they are both free, and they are easy to share. I have a google doc with my children where they write me notes, and I respond. This is a fun activity that teaches them not only how to use google docs, how to communicate in writing, but it easily connects us in a nonverbal communication which teaches them how important word choice and punctuation is in writing.Continue reading