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March 17, 2014

Felt Craft Projects: Ladybug Craft Mask

Felt Craft Projects: Ladybug Craft Mask

Ladybug Craft

My son enjoyed our first Felt Craft Projects and has been bugging me to do another one, but since I don’t have much time I decided to find an easier craft project to work on. Since I have some black and red craft felt I suggested we do ladybug craft and he immediately approved. This Ladybug Craft Mask project is super easy to make and looks really cute!

Felt Craft Projects: Ladybug Craft Mask



Paper Plate

Red and Black Craft Felt

Glue Gun

Cutter Elastics for Ear Loops


Cut the paper plate in half with a v-shaped pattern (refer to the picture).  We’re going to use the one with inverted v shape. You should measure this according to the size of the kid’s face.  The inverted V sits on top of the kid’s nose.


Glue the red felt paper on your paper plate.

Then using the black felt paper, cut out small circles.  You should also cut out a half circle pattern.


On your paper plate, place the black half circle pattern in the middle lower section and glue it.

Then to follow the layout of the paper plate, cut the black felt paper so it follows the v pattern (refer to the picture above for the shape).

On the upper half of the paper plate, glue the small circles to make it look like the dots of ladybugs ladybug-5

Using the black felt paper, cut out two strips. You can glue it on a cardboard paper first before placing it on your mask to make sure it will hold its shape. This will serve as the antenna of the ladybug.


On top of the two strips, cut out and glue two huge circles on top. ladybug-7

Now it’s time to make holes for the eyes. I used a large bottle cap as my pattern, then using a cutter I traced around it. Make sure to measure the spacing so your kid will be able to comfortably see.


You can place this on a stick for a handheld mask or punch a small hole on two sides and attach an elastic thread for earloops.

That’s it a cute, fun and easy Ladybug Craft Mask!

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