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Kool Aid Hair Dye Recipe

Kool Aid Hair Dye Recipe



So my daughter has been bugging me for months for me to “let her dye her hair”. I guess it’s my own fault since she has seen me with pink, purple, green, red, and black hair throughout her life. So I told her if she could wait until after her dance recital, and I could find something that didn’t involve putting chemicals in her hair, that I would let her. She told me a girl in her class had dyed her hair using Kool Aid. Yes! Then I remembered doing this as a kid and how easy it was to put in and get out. So I agreed. (Much to the dismay of her grandmother who was not happy with the idea ha!). I love using the Kool Aid method because its safe, easy, and most important, it’s temporary! It only lasts about a week (depending on how much you wash your hair). Perfect for a little pop of color in the summer or a special event. So are you ready to learn¬†how to dye your hair with this Kool Aid Hair Dye Recipe?¬†Here we go!Continue reading

July 23, 2013

Create a Kool Aid Drinks Creation

Create a Kool Aid Drinks Creation and You Could Meet Big Time Rush

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My daughter is a big fan of Big Time Rush and currently they are are touring the Midwest. They will be in Detroit, MI on August 3, 2013. Walmart is holding a contest and one lucky person will win a Meet & Greet passes and tickets to see Big Time Rush. Walmart is sponsoring this contest with Kool-Aid and to enter you need to create a “Kool Creation” with Kool-Aid and upload it on the brand page.

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