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May 2, 2016

Mott’s® Apple Cherry Juice Tasting Kids Party

Do you have a memory from childhood that sticks in your mind? I do. I remember always being late for school. It seems that I am not a morning person, so I was always walking to the bus stop, getting in my mom’s car, or getting in my own car with a bagel wrapped in a paper towel and a plastic cup of Mott’s® apple juice. I swear this was my breakfast for years. I am positive that is why I only buy Mott’s® because it has been my favorite for years. I was excited to see that they introduced a new flavor Mott’s® Apple Cherry Juice because my children love cherries.

I told my daughter that Mott’s came out with a new flavor. She, of course, took this news to a whole new level demanding that we have a juice tasting kids party to celebrate.

Mott’s® Apple Cherry Juice Tasting Party

Mott’s® Apple Cherry Juice Tasting Kids Party

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