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July 28, 2016

Getting #PeanutButterHappy This Summer With Jif!

Getting #PeanutButterHappy This Summer With Jif!

Getting #PeanutButterHappy This Summer With Jif!

Summer time is here ya’ll! And by the 96 degree temperature outside, I can feel it! I love the freedom and fun summer brings. I am lucky enough to spend the summer at home with my daughter, and we always have some fun times together. During the summer we are very much a go go go type of family. We have summer sports and activities, vacations planned, and family days. So that means when it comes to breakfast and snack, I’m always looking for something quick, easy, and tasty. That’s where products like Jif Spread and Jif Bar come in to play! Continue reading

Spring Break Stay at Home Vacation Ideas for Kids

It is that time of year. You know it is going to happen, and you need to be prepared. What am I talking about? Spring Break and it is around the corner. The kids are coming home for a week, and I need to think of educational things we can do together. I am also on a strict budget, so I needed stay at home vacation ideas for kids. I have a limited amount of time to prepare because I dropped the ball on being ready to work from home and have the kids home. The budget is a factor because we are saving for a new garage, so I need to make sure what I plan counts, so we headed to Walmart to stock up.

Spring Break Snackation and Stay at Home Vacation Ideas for Kids

Stay at Home Vacation Ideas for Kids

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January 13, 2016

PB&J is the Food for Kids Party

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Smuckers and Mom It Forward. All thoughts and opinions are my own and I hope you’ll like them.

PB&J is the Food for Kids Party #MyPBJMoment

Time for a delicious PB&J kids party!

This is my year to find balance. I often struggle with choosing between grape or strawberry jelly on my PB&J, so I decided my new found balance is to have them both at the same time. It also appears this was a family issue since my youngest wanted to find balance with both Smucker’s jelly and Jif peanut butter. The oldest is team strawberry and the diva well, she is team grape!Continue reading