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Easter Craft: Jelly Bean Butterfly

Frugal Kid Easter Craft: Jelly Bean Butterfly

jelly bean butterfly

Butterflies are a sign that Spring is here. When you can’t wait for the real ones to show up in your neighborhood create your own with this delicious looking Butterfly. This is a great Easter Craft but with Jelly Beans being available all year round now, this makes a great anytime craft.


Jelly Bean Butterfly Supply List

Bag of Jelly Beans

1 – Snack Size Zip-top baggie

Clothes Pin

1 Pipe Cleaner


Googly Eyes

Jelly Bean Butterfly Directions

Decorate the clothespin with markers.

Glue googly eyes to top of clothespin (the clippy side)

Take the pipe cleaner and cut it in half.

Fold one half in half again, curling the tips to look like antennas

Fill the baggie with Jelly Beans.

Open clothespin and slide up the middle of the Jelly Beans Baggie.

Slip in the antennas and close the clothespin.

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