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Iman Makeup Review

Iman Makeup Review

Iman Makeup Review

I have tried Iman Products before and I actually wear a lot of their make up. I was excited again to do an Iman Makeup Review. I appreciate the quality and the colors in the line. I also like the price! I like that their line takes into account every skin color. I appreciate that you can buy the product at several large stores. I love how smoothly it can be applied and how long the look lasts. I completed my last review of the Iman Cosmetics Adorn line.

Iman Makeup Review

IMAN Cosmetics Review introduces their new Skin Tone Evener BB Crème SPF 15 as the ultimate “beauty balm”, skin care and color all in one. With a unique blend of Skin Tone Evener Complex, SPF, essential botanical extracts and multivitamins, it evens out discoloration, hydrates and protects your complexion in one step. In a gorgeous range of six semi-sheer colors that compliment your complexion undetectably. With or without makeup, it’s the must-have product for all seasons, all ages, all skin types and skin tones.

I decided to give it a try with my little helper. I have some age spots and other areas of concern. I always wear SPF in my make up so I was glad it is included in the BB Creme.

It EVENS  skin tones with Skin Tone Evener Complex enriched with Acai, Licorice and Grape Seed
It PROTECTS with SPF 15 & antioxidants.
It HYDRATES with Kokum, Almond, Aloe and Vitamins A, E and C
It COMPLIMENTS your skin tone with a hint of color in 5 perfect-match shades

You can review my other Iman Makeup reviews. I have been happily surprised.

iman makeup review

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Join IMAN Cosmetics for their #IMANbb Twitter Party tonight (03/14 @ 8pm EST) to learn about the beauty line’s new BB Crème and Spring 2013 Bird of Paradise Look with exclusive tips from special guest, Naturopathic Doctor & Beauty Expert @DrKarunaSabnani!  This fun filled Twitter Party will be your beauty haven for everything BB and Spring 2013 beauty trends!

WHAT:#IMANbb Twitter Party
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Here’s how you can enter to win:

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And here’s another surprise because I’m giving away a special BB Crème trial package!

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Ask A Make-up Artist: Iman Cosmetics Review

IMAN Cosmetics has launched their new spring 2012 color story – Sweet Temptations! The perfect palette for spring, it spotlights a sexy wash of glimmering honey, citrus and berry tones for eyes and cheeks that coordinate with a juicy pop of candy colored hues for lips. You can check out the full list of “Sweet Temptations” products including videos on how to get the look here.

Also, IMAN has teamed up with Wal-Mart to host a series of exciting in-store events throughout Georgia on April 28th, 2012 to celebrate the “Sweet Temptations” launch. If you want to attend RSVP here.

Check out MadameDeals’ Iman Cosmetics Make-Over

before make up




eyes with a kohl pencil


love the eyes


Add the brown lip liner and red lips … blend

All done and here are the tools

Here’s the review of Makeup Artist Anne Christine Tejano

LIP LINER: As far as your staying power, consistency, and color pigment goes, this IMAN pencil seems to be in line with the standard for luxury makeup. It’s what you’d expect from a quality lip liner product. What I LOVE about this lip liner is that fact that there is a handy pencil sharpener built into the cap. How convenient is that! I don’t know about you, but saving myself the trouble of digging though my makeup bag to find a sharpener is a big plus. The sharpness of the blade isn’t SUPER DUPER but can’t complain for the convenience factor!

EYE PENCIL: LOVE this eyeliner! However, that “love” comes with a word of caution: This particular eyeliner (like most luxury eye pencils) has a specific function and use. Here’s the deal with eyeliners: People always ask me, “Anne, what’s the BEST?” My answer is always IT DEPENDS. Because it DEPENDS on how you will USE IT. What are you trying to accomplish? Believe it or not, not all black eyeliners are created equal! And the “best” is defined by what the liner will be used FOR. For example, some black liners have great staying power, others have great smudgy ability, others have a stickiness to them that are great as a base to set with a good powder eyeshadow on top for that smokey smudgy yet messy look. Some are water proof, others come off fairly easily. Others have a twisty top that doesn’t need to be sharpened (but never will be as precise as a freshly sharpened pencil). If you are looking for a water proof eyeliner that will stay all day, this is NOT the choice for you. However, if you want something that is mufti-purpose and easily blended, this is the eyeliner for you! I LOVE the blend-ability of this eyeliner. It works great under powdered eyeshadow to “smoke-out” your water line. It is EXCELLENT in the outer crease due to the fact that it’s so easy to blend. I like to call this eye pencil “an eye shadow’s BFF” because it’s best used in conjunction WITH an eye shadow. Used appropriately, this eyeliner is excellent!

MASCARA: Very natural. Again, it has it’s purpose. If you are looking for something more dramatic and bold, this may not be the best choice. If you are looking for something natural, and easy to work with, this is a great choice. If you want a natural yet full look, I would recommend a mascara primer, that way you can combine the fullness and length with the natural look.

LIPSTICK: I vote YES to this lipstick due to its pigment and texture. While it is a heavier, full coverage lipstick, it has a creamy finish that is comfortable and won’t leave your lips feeling dry. The smooth creamy consistency makes it easy to wear, but the pigment and coverage makes it more bold and fun. This lipstick certainly makes a statement!

BRONZER: LOVE this color! Great shade of bronze that is easy to wear for most skin tones. Most good quality bronzers will deceive you; looks one way in the container and quite another on your face. Although it appears really dark in the container, it goes on very sheer; which makes it easy to wear for lighter skin tones. It’s also very easy to build so deeper skin tones can get away with wearing it too! If you are someone who prefers a good all around basic bronze all year long over a “winter” or a “summer” shade, this bronzer is for you! Love the fact that it’s sheer and highly build-able, which makes it a staple in any professional makeup artist kit.

LIP COLORS ENRICHED WITH VITAMIN E: These are superfun, and in my professional opinion, the preferred method of application is with a good lip brush. These are minimally sticky, and have great pigmentation for your average Vitamin E infused lip gloss in a pot. While the consistency is more sheer than the lipstick, the colors are bold and fun. I would caution the purchaser though, not to apply this with your finger! It gets all over the place and stay-put pigment does not come easy with a tissue. Especially since it comes in a pot, I would highly recommend applying it with a lip brush. The whole finger painting thing gets messy with this stuff!


About the Artist:

Anne’s makeup obsession began at an early age. As a former model, she knows what it takes to look fabulous in photos! After working at MAC cosmetics as a professional makeup artist for over 2 years, she decided to start her own business, focusing on day-of bridal and wedding party makeup, as well as high end fashion, glamour and beauty makeup applications. Very experienced; she has been a professional makeup artist for several years, and has applied her excellent techniques and unique artistry to over 1000 faces.

Anne is no ordinary makeup artist; her finished product is a work of art. People come to Anne when they want the best of the BEST! She can easily create a variety of customized, beautifully blended, professional looks, ranging from an all-natural day time look, to a sultry/sexy evening, night out in the town look; and will make you feel like you just stepped out of a magazine! Whether it’s an effortless “girl-next-door-beauty,” to a high fashion, smoky eye with a “Kim-Kardashian- all-out-sexy-glam look,” to everything in-between, Anne can do it all! She travels with a well-stocked, up to date kit containing only professional tools and supplies, most of which are luxury makeup products and she uses professional MAC Makeup brushes for all applications. Anne is energetic, punctual, fun, and familiar with on-set / day-of protocol. She is available for travel within the United States, Asia, Europe, and adapts well to all locations and situations. She is Fluent in Dutch/Flemish as well as conversational Tagalog and French.

Originally from the DC Metro Area, she moved to her husband’s home town after her marriage in May 2010. She is happily married and lives in the outskirts of Charlottesville, VA with her husband, Nate and is also a dedicated member of the Charlottesville Derby Dames roller derby team.

Questions about my review? Feel free to contact Anne at [email protected]!