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How to Save Money on Fruits and Vegetables

How to Save Money on Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables rank on the bottom of my list lately as I have seen their prices go up and the quality go down. This has always been a hard decision but with a strict grocery budget and no one in my house volunteering to give up meat, it has to be done. However, most recently I have realized not having fruits and vegetables handy is hindering my weight loss and affecting what my children eat. So I decided to figure out how I can save and have my fruits and vegetables. Today I hit the jackpot as you can see in the picture. Can you guess how much I spent on all the fruits and vegetables in the picture? Because I love to save money on vegetables.

How to Save Money on Fruits and Vegetables

How save money on vegetables

1. Buy the fruits and vegetables that are in season. Fall is the perfect time to enjoy apples and pears but they will cost more in the spring. These are the best times to buy Fruits and Vegetables

2. Compare prices between your local grocery stores, fruit markets, specialty stores each week when the sale come out.

3. Buy in bulk. Many times apples, oranges, potatoes, and onions are cheaper in prepackaged bags than individually. Split these purchases with family and/or friends if you won’t use them up by yourself before they go bad.

4. Only buy what you can eat before it goes bad. There is nothing worse than throwing away fruits and vegetables that are rotten. I see dollar signs in my heads when I do this.

5. Buy frozen or canned versions if fresh are not available for a reasonable price. This is a great alternative for strawberries, brocolli, green beans, cauliflower and berries. I do not like canned asparagus.

6. Buy from local farmers and vendors. This can save money and also give back to your local community. I will note that sometimes they are not always cheaper than the stores depending on your area and encourage you to be aware what the stores in your area are charging.

7. Buy fruits and veggies the way they were grown. Don’t pay extra just because they have already been washed, cut and package for you. It doesn’t take much time to do this yourself and is definitely worth the savings.

8. Shop the manager’s specials or clearance section. Many times this food is marked down because it is not attractive to shoppers but it is still perfectly edible. Many items that are marked down include: single bananas, broken apart bunches of grapes, slightly bruised apples, citrus that is not vibrant in color, etc. THIS IS HOW I SAVED TODAY!! I filled up my cart and came home with everything in the picture for only $31.64.

So when my family is roaming for food I can sit comfortably knowing that I have provided them with fruits and vegetables to keep them them satisfied and healthy.

Go enjoy some fruits and vegetables with your family!!!

Print this Free Printable list of seasonal fruits and vegetables

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May 10, 2014

Im Tired of Being Broke So Why am I Smiling?

Im Tired of Being Broke So Why am I Smiling?

frugal ways to get out of debts

Im tired of being broke, I use the word “broke” to define what we are financially. It isn’t really a reflection of our actual bank account because we apply the key principles for not being actually “broke”Let me clear up the confusion. We are “broke” meaning that we no longer have disposable income. Disposable income is money that isn’t accounted for. That is a bit hard for me to deal with but the reason why is comforting so let me explain how we got to a place of once having a lot of disposable income and then I will tell you what we spent it on and our plan for achieving more disposable income.

Im Tired of Being Broke So Why am I Smiling?

1) We do not take on bills we can’t pay
2) We pay ourselves first
3) We have accounts that we do not touch and we don’t touch them
4) We save money where we can by:

Using money saving apps
a) Favado
b) Ebates
c) Retailmenot
d) Madame Deals coupon database
e) Groupon
f) Living social

I do have an account that is now empty and I feel broke. We have spent the last ten years filling this account. We have done things like said no to Disney , cut coupons, waiting to buy things until they were available with deep discounts, gone without, and frankly learned how to say no when we wanted to say yes. We have packed lunches, loaded my trunk with snacks to control cost, allowed each child one special activity, set a holiday budget of $100.00 per child, and not given into the newest toys. We have worked extra hours, lowered monthly bills, and I am still left with an empty account and I feel broke.

Im Tired of Being Broke So Why am I Smiling?

The reason why I am smiling about being broke is there is a very good reason why I am broke. We just paid of prepaid college for our third child. I am broke because of an accomplish. I will only be broke for a couple more hours. Then I will take some money from our paychecks and I will place it in that account which has now become the wedding account. I think being responsible and knowing what you are going to help with financially now makes your life easier. I am perfectly content living with less because I am in actuality living with more. I have more of the things that matter. I have time with my children instead of a fancy house. I have the ability to work at home and I  make crockpot  freezer meals  recipes instead of the luxury of going out every night but it is okay because I have time with my husband and children. I thrift shop with an occasional splurge at a high end designer. I am okay with that because my happiness comes from the people in my life not the things. I do not look or care about what we do not have because happiness isn’t found in things. I do not look at my neighbors and wish my circumstance were different than they are because I truly have the greatest gift possible and that gift is a true appreciation for all I have. I also find great joy in helping others to realize the gifts they have. I believe that inspiring others to believe in themselves is one of my gifts. I am smiling about being broke because we paid off college for our children and to me that sends a message to them that we think they can achieve their dreams and we are willing to alter ours a little to make that happen.

I hope you find your smile and are remind each day we are giving we have the ability to determine how we react. The quote is be the change you want to see in others… but do not forget it starts with you.

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