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October 16, 2013

DIY Craft/ GIft idea: Tater Baker Bag

DIY Craft and Gift idea: Tater Baker Bag

The Tater Baker bag is one of the easiest, most popular, and most used gifts I have given.

Tater Baker bag 11

These are so popular I have sold these simply by word of mouth.  The Tater Baker bag can be embroidered and embellished or left plain.  Given with an instructions card this Tater Baker bag  and a bag of potatoes would be a great new home gift! The Tater Baker bag is not only for potatoes it can be used to heat up bread or tortillas, bake apples and corn on the cob!  A special batting made especially for this project helps insure the safety of the item in the microwave.  However caution is still recommended in that, like anything put into the microwave, it could overheat!Continue reading

DIY Craft for Kids, Gift idea: Horse Lead Rope

DIY Craft for Kids, Gift idea:   Horse Lead rope

Need a craft for you kids?  This craft project makes  a Horse Lead rope or a shorter version can be made for a Dog Leash.  These make wonderful gifts for family and friends.

horse lead rope 016

Supplies: piece of cardboard, plate (saucer for a dog leash, dinner plate for a horse lead rope), pencil, scissors,  12 yards 1/4 cotton rope,  snap, OPTIONAL: dyeContinue reading