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October 1, 2013

Leftover Ham Recipes: Harvest Salad

Leftover Ham Recipes

Leftover Ham Recipes

Okay, So I am going to the store to buy a baked ham. I know I will need to reinvent it a couple of times to make it worth the cost. We have a craving for my sister’s famous sandwich: brie, ham, raspberry jam, toasted on a baguette. So I figured might as well make dinner too. I am also going to make some quiche for a friend with a new baby. Then I am going to make the Rachel Ray’s Ham sandwich with this yummy Apple Salad on top. We will eat the Apple salad with the baked ham for dinner and then we can have the leftovers via a yummy sandwich. I think I should be able to get my $20.00 out of this ham. What do you do with ham left over food?

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