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Valentine Recipes for Kids: White Chocolate Raspberry Treat

Valentine Recipes for Kids

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Super Easy to Make White Chocolate Raspberry Treat

choco raspberry treat

Does your kids want to do something special for Valentine’s Day? This Valentine Recipes for Kids is yummy and super easy to make. They can make these for friends or teachers and give it as gifts. I love how simple this recipe is and my kids and I had fun time making these.

Valentine Recipes for Kids: White Chocolate Raspberry Treat



Ritz Crackers

Raspberry Preserves

Pink Icing

White Chocolate

Pink Gummy Candies


Spread preserve on one side of the cracker.

cracker together 2

Cover it with another cracker to make a sandwich.

spread the raspberry then make cookies

Make several cracker sandwiches.

white chocolate melt

Melt the white chocolate.

melt chocolate

dip cracker

Dip the cracker sandwich into the melted chocolate.

dip cracker2


put icing in between 2 cookie sandwich

Spread some pink icing on one set of cracker sandwich.

icing in between

Top it with another set of sandwich cracker.

icing on top of sandwich

Put icing on top.


For design, top it with pink gummy candy, or serve with fresh raspberries like in this recipe.

That’s it! Enjoy!

Valentine Recipes for Kids


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How to Make Snow Cream

How to Make Snow Cream

snow cream ice cream

snow cream ice cream recipe

Make a memorable winter with your kids by enjoying the snow. But it’s not just for playing around because with clean snow you can make some yummy treat!

How to Make Snow Cream


Ingredients for Tasty Snow Ice Cream Recipe

  • 1/2 cup milk or half/half (rice milk will work too) (Half/Half gives it a richer flavor)
  • 4 cups of clean snow
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla

Snow Ice Cream Recipe Directions

  • In a medium bowl combine milk, sugar and vanilla.
  • Mix well to make sure the sugar is dissolved.
  • Pour milk mixture over the snow in a large bowl.
  • Stir completely,making sure everything is mixed in.

This is a great How to Make Snow Cream recipe for kids to make and to enjoy. I know it made our snow day a happy one!

snow ice cream recipe

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