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Frugal Ways to Save Money When Buying New Home Appliances

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Frugal ways to save money when buying new home appliances

Frugal Ways to Save Money on Home Appliances

Spring is a time of new beginnings.  For many, it’s also the time when a large income tax refund comes in.  Some may use those extra funds to pay off debt, to plan for a much needed and deserved vacation, or to put toward savings.  This year we plan to use those funds to replace our dishwasher, refrigerator and stove.  After over ten years, these appliances have outlived their usefulness.  The dishwasher leaks and our last attempt to repair it proved worthless.  The refrigerator is not defrosting and is loud. As for the stove, it’s an older electric burner version which I have dreamed of replacing with a ceramic flat top since we moved in a number of years ago.  It looks like it’s time to check out the home appliances sales.Continue reading

Frugal Ways to Save Money: Getting Out of Debts

Frugal Ways to Save Money

Getting Out of Debts

frugal ways to save money

Today on Making Money Monday, I’m sharing with you one of my Frugal Ways to Save Money and it’s one of the most important because you can’t save big money without getting out of debts first. One of the most common New Year’s resolution aside from losing weight and getting fit is getting out of debts. I’m sure it’s a goal that we all want to do, but just like losing weight we can’t reach that goal without putting the effort and really work hard to put that goal into action.Continue reading

Places to buy clothes under $10

Places to buy clothes under $10

Clothing under $10

Places to buy clothes under $10

I will admit to two things. I love clothes and I hate paying retail for them. I hate it because they are so expensive. I also know my budget is limited and I want what I want. I have made finding cheap clothes an art. In fact I am so good at it that I dress several family members and friends. These are a few of my secrets to where you can build your wardrobe with quality clothes under $10.

Places to buy clothes under $10

Do you shop online? I do so a lot I use Ebates and I just got a check for $110 cash back. You can sign up here  for Ebates <— it is free and they send you a gift card~

Bj Wholesale Club Review

Shop Goodwill

Ebay. I Love eBay shopping.

Kohl’s clearance with coupons!  You can see my Kohl’s outfit.

Here is my little Kohl’s video

Tj Maxx, Marshalls, Ross these stores all offer designer clothes at cheap prices. If you shop the clearance section you will score awesome deals for $10 or less.




Consignment shops. I love a great consignment shop!

You friend’s closets organize a clothing swap. This is how to organize a clothing swap

I find another expense is  sports and activities. I know I needed to fin Cheap Dance Clothes so we came up with a list of where to find cheap dance clothes.

Cheap Shoe Websites

Here is an example of an outfit I bought for under $10

In order to save the most money when buying clothing. I make a list of what I need this is an example of my fall clothing list.


Wow and this is my secret to buying the latest jewelry for next to nothing

Fashion Under 10 Dollars


Fashion Under $10

Places to buy Plus Size clothes under $10

plus size clothing cheap


January 19, 2014

Tips on How to Save on Home Repairs

Save on Home Repairs


As a tenant paying rent to a landlord, I never really thought about how much it costs to maintain a home.  You pay the rent, the electric, water, gas, and trash bills but if something goes wrong, you call the landlord.  Hopefully, the landlord cares about the property and sends a repairman out to fix the problem.

On the other hand, as a homeowner, you not only have to pay the mortgage and utilities, you have to budget and pay for various things which can go wrong.  There’s the faucet or toilet which starts to leak, the garage door or doorbell which mysteriously stops working, the washer which decides it’s not going to make it through the spin cycle without stopping dead in its tracks.  Welcome to home ownership and the repairs associated with it!

These are all things which have happened to our family.  These are things which seem to happen at the most inopportune times.  The trick to save on home repairs is to have a budget for these eventualities.  Each month, we set aside money which is solely dedicated to fixing things around the house.  Sometimes there is enough to fix the problem and sometimes there isn’t.

My husband will admit to anyone that he is not a “fix-it” kind of guy.  As a landlord with multiple properties, he called in the professionals who fixed the problem and sent him a bill.  I’ve teased him over the years about his philosophy of home repairs:  “Who do I write the check to?”

Things like a leaky faucet or toilet are generally a quick fix.  YouTube is a great resource for these basic items.  When our washer stopped mid-cycle, we looked up the problem on the internet by searching the problem along with the model of the machine.  Fortunately, we discovered it was a simple problem which was quickly remedied by following simple instructions given on a website.

The big question is how do you save on home repairs?

First and foremost, determine if it is something you can competently fix.  If it isn’t, then it’s time to call in the professionals.  Be sure the contractor you hire is not only licensed to do the work you require but also bonded and insured.  You want a contractor who will stand behind his work.  You do not want a “fly by night” contractor that is liable to do more harm than good.

Ask friends to recommend professionals they have used.  Once you’ve identified two or three contractors, get written estimates and ask to see their licenses and proof of insurance.  If they are truly professionals, they will have no issue producing this documentation.  In the end, you won’t be sorry and will most assuredly save on repairs because you won’t have to fix what the fly by nighter made a bigger mess of.

Read more tips:

Tell us about ways you save on home repairs.  We’d love to pass your tips on to our readers.

Frugal Ways to Save Money on Best Home Appliances

I am a deal seeker but you really do not have to always seek out a deal. I would say seeking a deal is one Frugal Ways to Save Money on Best Home Appliances and for me it is very important. You can save hundreds and I have to ask why wouldn’t you do a little research. This is a big purchase! We recently needed both a washer and a dryer. We decided to set a budget but we also decided that we had to get energy efficient appliances with great ratings for both water usage and power usage. We also wanted one with a larger than a normal drum.

Frugal Living Tips: Don't miss these great Frugal Tips and Ways TO Save On Home Appliances!  Ideal for money saving in your home!

Frugal Ways to Save Money on Best Home AppliancesContinue reading

Frugal Ways To Save Money

Frugal Ways To Save Money

frugal ways to save

The truth is most people do not have enough money. We all want more. I found that you can have “more” money by following these 50 tips. The reason is simple if you are not spending it on crazy and unnecessary stuff then you will be able to save it for the things that mean the most to you. These are 50 Frugal Ways To Save Money  that I use and I feel like we are really working towards our goal to put three children through 4 years of college and to retire by the age of fifty. Well my husband will retire I can’t see myself not working. We feel like we have achieved  financial success already but there are always ways to evaluate what we are doing and do it better.Continue reading