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February 27, 2017

Easy Italian Fondue Recipe for Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of RAGÚ® Pasta Sauce. All opinions are entirely my own.

A quick and easy fondue recipe, the trick for getting kids to eat vegetables

“It’s incredible,” She says, in her sweet voice with the southern drawl, looking around at the meal she worked on for hours that they hardly consumed. The forks well rested under the plates that are piled with veggies they declined to try. She wonders if there will ever be an end to the battle of “you need to eat your veggies” and them hiding them under the table, passing them to the dog, or the negotiation of “Can you eat these before she notices?”

She notices. We all know the struggle to have kids eat what their bodies need and our desire to provide them. The exhale that is taken when they take a bite of something new and the anticipation as we look for signs of a successful mission or a dismal fail. The absolute elation we feel when we have added another green to their diet and the struggle we have when they were denied again like a basketball player going up for a sure lay up only to be met at the last second by a defender with a long grasp. We saw victory and it was robbed at the last moment. That was until you learned the secret.

They say the secret is in the sauce. What if the secret is the sauce?

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December 8, 2016

How to Throw a New Years Eve Party for Everyone

Fun New Years Party Ideas


The ball is dropping. I am planning on making my normal resolution which is to save money. I do this every year, and every year I save money. The trick to saving money is simple, only spend money on what you enjoy. I happen to enjoy having friends over for parties. That can get expensive. I shop at Save-A-Lot to cut my costs. I find that they have a great selection and the prices help me to start my New Year off right. I will share some of my New Year Eve Ideas For Parties.Continue reading

December 5, 2016

Fondue Party Ideas

Fondue Party Ideas

Host a fun and delicious party for friends and family. Check out my easy fondue party ideas

Cheese, Chocolate,  Cheer,  Conversations, and Cascade. These are my Fondue Party Ideas. You sit and you think that it would be nice to have people over. I get that sense of this would be a great idea and then self-doubt creeps over me like a rain washes over your just washed car. You want so badly to have people over but you aren’t sure what to serve them. What would they like to eat? What would you do if you had people over? How would you get them to talk?

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December 5, 2016

German Cheddar and Beer Fondue Recipe

German Cheddar and Beer Fondue

German Cheddar and Beer Fondue

I love a good fondue. In fact, I could eat Fondue every night of the week if you let me. I especially like German Cheddar and Beer Fondue. You know what they say when daddy is away the kids will play. Well, Daddy gets to go out with clients, so tonight it is me and the three kids. The biggest problem we currently have is Margeaux leaves the table with her dinner in her hands. She does this because she wants to be there when I feed the baby. I figured if I made an interactive meal tonight my house and myself may have a chance at survival. I will be using apple juice as my base instead of the beer. We will be dipping the following: hot dogs, bread, broccoli, apples, carrots, and pretzels. I am sure the kids will pick other things out as well. This should make for a fun time. I always give them their dipping cup which I transfer the cheese from the fondue pot. I let it cool before giving them the cup to make sure it isn’t hot. What do you do when the help is out to dinner elsewhere?Continue reading

November 3, 2016

Easy Fondue Recipe

4 Ingredient cheese fondue

 Easy Fondue Recipe

I have a love affair with cheese. It is okay my husband knows. He used it to his advantage. I remember years ago he did just that. Yes, it is a bit foggy to go back years ago. When did I get this old? I remember being in college and we went on a date. You know the one where you put on fancy clothes. He put on a suit and I put on a dress. You could say our love was confirmed over an easy fondue recipe.Continue reading

Cheap Chocolate Fondue

Cheap Chocolate FondueCheap Chocolate Fondue

The key to great food is it has to be easy. It has to be inexpensive and it has to be good. I am a huge fan of Cheap Chocolate Fondue. We have three children and they love to eat anything you can dip. I make a cheese fondue that is also cheap, easy, and yummy. ls Cheese Fondue is yummy! Well, back to the recipe you have been waiting for. I think you are going to say to yourself , “Why didn’t I think of that?” Then you are going to the store to grab the ingredients. If you do not have an electric fondue pot you need one like this fondue pot.

Cheap Chocolate Fondue

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