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April 17, 2013

Ellie Review

Ellie Review – Fitness Apparel

Ellie.com is your answer. What was the question? The question was where do I find flattering fitness gear? How do I know if it right for me? I was given the opportunity to try their service. I go to the gym for fun. I mean to exercise. Well, for the childcare and because I really do enjoy yoga, pump, and the heated pool. What I do not like is looking through my drawers trying to find something that matches or fits correctly. I mean in yoga you have to worry about what you are wearing. If you do not not then this may happen to you More info then I needed to have. I was always looking through my drawer and coming up with options that would compromise my vanity. I needed a workout line that fit my mood and frankly fit. I wanted something that was made out of quality material and was fashionable. I believe you get what you pay for. I am someone that invests in a good pair of jeans because of the style and the cut. The same is true for your work out wear. How can you be motivated when you look frumpy? I look forward to next month as a try to move my body as much as I move my mouth!Continue reading