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October 20, 2013

DIY Craft: Finger Mitts Potholders

DIY Craft:  Finger Mitts Potholders


Ever think that potholders are too bulky for carrying that hot item whether it be a mug or a casserole?  Try these Finger mitt potholders!

fingermitts 007

Several years ago I was given some odd shaped potholders at a wedding shower. I had no idea why they were so odd shaped. I have now come to truly appreciate the size, shape and usefulness of these finger mitt potholders. The two pockets serve to protect your thumb and a couple other fingers as you grip a hot pot or tray. These are les bulky and much easier for some children to use. You can even adjust the size of the pattern as needed. Less bulk can lend to a better grip on the hot item.Continue reading