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March 7, 2014

Felt Craft Projects: DIY Felt Hairbow Tutorial

Felt Craft Projects

DIY Felt Hairbow Tutorial

DIY Felt Bows


My little girl loves all things bow, and I’ll be honest, as do I! But they can get expensive! So when I found a way to make a bow for around 25 cents I had to try it! You can grab sheets of felts in all kinds of colors for only 20 cents at Walmart for this Felt Craft Projects! These DIY Felt Hairbows are super simple to make, and you can customize them with all different colors and themes! So now I will show you how I made these DIY Felt Hairbows! Continue reading

March 2, 2014

Felt Craft Projects: DIY Felt Phone Case

Felt Craft Projects

DIY Felt Phone Case

Felt Phone Case


I am always looking for fun Felt Craft Projects to do with my daughter, and so when I asked her what project we should do next she told me she wanted me to do a DIY Felt Phone Case! A monster phone case, to be specific. I had been telling her that my phone slips out of my hand a lot because of how slippery it is, so that is why she suggested I make a phone case made of felt. Smart girl right!? This project cost me $1 to make, and took about 15 mins! I love DIY projects because you can really personalize them however you want! You could make this DIY Felt Phone Case in different colors, faces, or even a whole different theme using this base tutorial! I hope you enjoy! Continue reading