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March 17, 2014

Felt Craft Projects: Ladybug Craft Mask

Felt Craft Projects: Ladybug Craft Mask

Ladybug Craft

My son enjoyed our first Felt Craft Projects and has been bugging me to do another one, but since I don’t have much time I decided to find an easier craft project to work on. Since I have some black and red craft felt I suggested we do ladybug craft and he immediately approved. This Ladybug Craft Mask project is super easy to make and looks really cute!

Felt Craft Projects: Ladybug Craft Mask



Paper Plate

Red and Black Craft Felt

Glue Gun

Cutter Elastics for Ear Loops


Cut the paper plate in half with a v-shaped pattern (refer to the picture).  We’re going to use the one with inverted v shape. You should measure this according to the size of the kid’s face.  The inverted V sits on top of the kid’s nose.


Glue the red felt paper on your paper plate.

Then using the black felt paper, cut out small circles.  You should also cut out a half circle pattern.


On your paper plate, place the black half circle pattern in the middle lower section and glue it.

Then to follow the layout of the paper plate, cut the black felt paper so it follows the v pattern (refer to the picture above for the shape).

On the upper half of the paper plate, glue the small circles to make it look like the dots of ladybugs ladybug-5

Using the black felt paper, cut out two strips. You can glue it on a cardboard paper first before placing it on your mask to make sure it will hold its shape. This will serve as the antenna of the ladybug.


On top of the two strips, cut out and glue two huge circles on top. ladybug-7

Now it’s time to make holes for the eyes. I used a large bottle cap as my pattern, then using a cutter I traced around it. Make sure to measure the spacing so your kid will be able to comfortably see.


You can place this on a stick for a handheld mask or punch a small hole on two sides and attach an elastic thread for earloops.

That’s it a cute, fun and easy Ladybug Craft Mask!

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March 7, 2014

Felt Craft Projects: DIY Felt Hairbow Tutorial

Felt Craft Projects

DIY Felt Hairbow Tutorial

DIY Felt Bows


My little girl loves all things bow, and I’ll be honest, as do I! But they can get expensive! So when I found a way to make a bow for around 25 cents I had to try it! You can grab sheets of felts in all kinds of colors for only 20 cents at Walmart for this Felt Craft Projects! These DIY Felt Hairbows are super simple to make, and you can customize them with all different colors and themes! So now I will show you how I made these DIY Felt Hairbows! Continue reading

March 2, 2014

Felt Craft Projects: Panda Crafts

Felt Craft Projects

Panda Crafts

panda felt craft

I love doing crafts but hardly have the time to do so, but a few days ago I wanted something awesome to work on and I thought about Felt Craft Projects. It’s the perfect craft for people like me who love to cut, glue and sew lol! Since my son love pandas, I decided that it’s going to be my first project.  The great thing about felt craft projects is that you can use your design for lots of other projects, you can modify it a bit to make cute Panda Felt Applique.

Felt Craft Projects: Panda Crafts



  • Craft Felt black and white
  • scissors
  • cutter
  • glue gun
  • needle and thread
  • key ring


Step 1: Decide on how big you want your panda to be. Once you know what size you want, using the white felt cut out two circles, this is going to be the face. Keep the second circle because we will use it later on.

Step 2: Using the first circle, I cut out 2 black oval shapes using the black felt and two small dots using the white felt. These are going to be the panda’s eyes.

Step 3: Use the glue gun to stick the panda’s eyes. What I did was to use the glue gun first to stick it and then I sew the white and black part of the eyes. This will make your craft more durable and you won’t worry that it will easily fall out.


Step 4: Using the black felt, I cut out two small circles that will serve as ears for the panda. And I sew it in place.


Step 5: Using black thread, I sew the nose and mouth part of the panda. The nose is a small inverted triangle.


Step 6: I cut out the the body part, arms and feet. My tip is for you to draw these parts in a paper first so you can determine the size that will be proportional to he head of the panda. See the picture above for the shape that I used. Remember to cut out two identical body shape using the white felt, and keep the second one because we will use it later on.

Step 7: Sew the arms and feet to the body part.



Step 8: Now is the time to connect the body to the head. I used the glue gun to hold it in place.



Step 9: This part is optional. If you want to use the panda as key ring, you need to cut out a rectangular shape using the black felt. Glue it at the back, this will be the holder.


Step 10: Remember the face circle and body shape that I asked you to keep earlier. I used those to cover the back part of the panda. Just glue it in place.


Step 11: Using white thread, do  blanket stitch around the panda. You can do it by section, the face part first, the body and then I also stitched around the ears, arms and feet part.

panda final

And voila! You have a super cool Panda made of felt.

This Felt Craft Projects: Panda Crafts can be used in different projects.

1. Glue it on a barrette clip for a cute hair clip.

2. Glue it on a plain headband.

3. Use it as design element for other crafts like wallet or notebook cover.

4. You can make a bigger panda and stuff it with polyfill for an instant plush toy.

5. Make some for key chains or bag charms.

If you love felt craft projects, you can make several and use it as giveaways for birthday parties, baby showers, weddings or you can even sell some. Isn’t it cool!

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Do you do Felt Craft Projects? Share it with us!

March 2, 2014

Felt Craft Projects: DIY Felt Phone Case

Felt Craft Projects

DIY Felt Phone Case

Felt Phone Case


I am always looking for fun Felt Craft Projects to do with my daughter, and so when I asked her what project we should do next she told me she wanted me to do a DIY Felt Phone Case! A monster phone case, to be specific. I had been telling her that my phone slips out of my hand a lot because of how slippery it is, so that is why she suggested I make a phone case made of felt. Smart girl right!? This project cost me $1 to make, and took about 15 mins! I love DIY projects because you can really personalize them however you want! You could make this DIY Felt Phone Case in different colors, faces, or even a whole different theme using this base tutorial! I hope you enjoy! Continue reading