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Classic Fashion Tips for Women

The key to dressing nicely isn’t necessarily having a lot of clothes it is knowing how to mix and match what you have. You can see the key to these clothes are the bottoms are solids. The pieces of interest are the accessories and the tops have patterns. These looks are classic and not overdone. You can get additional looks by using the scarf as a belt. I would also wear the flower button down open with the grey tank underneath or depending on the color of the polk a dot shirt you could put that under the flower shirt. It is perfectly fashionable to mix patterns if they are in the same color story.

Fashion tips for women are a must these days!  If you aren't sure what to wear, these are a must for you!

Classic Fashion Tips for Women

There are 5 rules of fashion you should always observe.

1) Get clothes that fit. Do not just go for the number on the tag. I always grab a size up and size down in something to make sure that it fits correctly

2) Know what colors look good on you and wear those colors. I look horrible in what I call the Easter colors (pastels) I tend to buy more jewel colors since they look better on me.

3) Wear the right undergarments and make sure we can’t see them

4) Dress up every day you never know who you will meet. I am totally against wearing your Pajamas to the store it is just as easy to throw on one of the looks above.

5) This rule is so important do not be afraid to try new things. Clothes aren’t permanent. If you have a friend that you think is stylish ask for their advice if you do not know what to wear.

Bonus tip: You do not have to spend a lot of money to look great. I challenge myself to buy outfits that are less than $20. I am a huge fan of thrift stores, inexpensive accessories, clothing swaps and stores like Old Navy where you can get great pieces that you can mix and match.

What are your fashion tips?Classic Fashion Tips for Women

Holiday Gift Guide for Women Fashionistas

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February 27, 2015

How to Dress Thinner?

clothes that make you look thinner

How to Dress Thinner?

Choose clothes that make you thinner!

Are there Clothes that make you thinner?  What if I told you there are. I believe that part of taking control of your health by eating right and exercising is to buy new clothes as you reshape your body. I always hear women say when I get “Thinner” I will buy myself something new. I always wonder why. If you worked hard to lose ten pound why wear jeans that are lose or shirts that are now baggy? Why not find clothes that fit and show off your shape. I would like to thank Kohl’s for allowing me to shop for Karla as she becomes the best version of herself and through the journey as she gets there. We have shopped at Kohl’s a couple times now because they have fashionable clothes for women of every size and shape and we believe in celebrating our accomplishments!

Clothes that make you thinner

clothes that make you look thinner

So what’s the secret on how to dress thinner? I truly believe that taking care of yourself as you journey toward a new lifestyle is not only important but it is the key to getting “thinner”. You see if you keep the clothes that you used to wear and you do not buy some new clothes you are more likely to go back to your old habit. The first thing I did when Karla decided to make healthy decisions in regards to her health was to support her. I encouraged her daily and celebrated her milestones because I cared about her moral and I knew she needed a cheerleader. Karla only ever wore black, grey, and navy in fact I had never seen her is anything cheerful. It was like she was trapped in despair. She was hiding from the world and trying to blend in. I decided enough was enough, why hide yourself? How about we celebrate where she is in her journey. We did that by shopping at Kohl’s for everything she needs. The first trip we started with fashionable clothes in size 24 and 22 and a year and  a couple months later we are at XL and 16. Karla eats healthy and can kick my butt at the gym. I love the prices at Kohl’s and the selection. I was able to make Karla several outfits and save money at the same time. She no longer hides behind her prison of black, grey, and navy. She also now knows that everyday you are alive and healthy is a victory and every victory deserves a great dress. I truly believe buying new clothes as you move towards the journey of your best self not only helps you continue your journey but it allows you to see your progress and appreciate your hard work. It isn’t about your size or your weight but dress well is about having the confidence to believe in yourself. You are beautiful and you deserve to look great. I highly suggest you reward your gains. I was able to create a wardrobe for Karla for $256.18 and she looks awesome. The clothes will look great as she continues to her goal. They are of wonderful quality and when they no longer fit she can consign them. It is a small price to pay to feel good about yourself.  They say you must dress for success and I believe that holds true as you journey towards the best version of yourself. I would like to thank Karla for sharing her journey and remind you that she used to get breathless walking up my drive way and now she is running 4 miles! Bravo!

These are my tips for finding clothes that make you look thinner:

  1. Try on everything
  2. Bring in a size up and a size down from your normal size who cares what the number says it is the fit that counts
  3. Patterns are best on top
  4. Find a shape that works for your shape and look for it in shirts and a dress
  5. Buy the proper undergarments
  6. Wear color
  7. Take a friend that has a better fashion sense then yours
  8. Do not look at the price tag to determine if it is the right item for you. I would rather you buy one wow item then 5 okay items. You can make multiple outfits with different tops or bottoms and jewelry
  9. Determine what your assets are and dress those. I have nice legs and my boobs aren’t big so I wear something cool at the top that adds volume and then I wear something that shows my legs. This is me in my holiday fashion tips.
  10. Confidence have confidence. Karla looks so great because she feels great about herself.

I am Spanx girl I love mine and they are worth the money. Yes, I am thin but clothes never lay right on real people so a little help tightening those areas is a great idea.

Here are just some of the brands of clothes that I bought to build a wardrobe for Karla:

Stay tune next week to see Karla wearing the fab clothes that we bought!

Do you have tips on How to Dress Thinner? Share it with us below

August 21, 2013

Tips on Finding The Best Dress Style for your Shape

dress shopping

For us women it is a must to learn how to choose the right dress for our shape. It is the key to looking good and the holy grail of fashion rules. Looking back at my past photos, I cringe whenever I see my past outfits that were unflattering, some even made me look heavier that what I weigh, some are just downright wrong that I should’ve been caught by the fashion police.  Let’s just say that I learn how to dress right the hard way. Now I make it a point to share with my friends the tips that I’ve learned on how to look good, the secret is knowing your shape, choosing the right color and picking the style appropriate for your age.

The Best Dress Style for your Shape

When you are shopping for a dress, you want to make sure that you find a style that not only looks great, but more importantly, also flatters your body shape. Not everyone is made exactly the same, so a dress style that is fashionable may not be the right choice for you. In addition to the shape and style of the dress, you should also look at the color and pattern of the dress. Depending on your skin tone, and your size, certain patterns and colors will either enhance your beauty, or take away from it. With the right dress, you can go out with confidence, knowing you will be turning heads and looking magnificent.

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