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Exfoliating With Strawberries

Exfoliating with strawberries

Open your bathroom mirror, your purse, your makeup bag, and yes even your linen closet, I know you have a secret stash of beauty products in there. Now take a close look, no, a really close look. How much of it do you REALLY use, before it becomes just another clumped up mess at the bottom of your trash can? If you’re like me I know how much that hurts our pocket, not to mention your skin. I can almost bet, and probably win, that you suffer from sensitive skin and those products are essential to you. Well, did you know that you can make almost every single one of those products that you just pitched without having to go to a specialty store? You can make these products in just minutes and from ingredients found in your very own pantry and for a fraction of the cost.

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