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April 27, 2016

Adventures with Evenflo Sippy Cups

Adventures with Evenflo Sippy Cups

I love Spring time because we finally get out of the house to explore new adventures. This Spring we decided to go to Amazement Square which is isn’t to far and its hours upon hours of fun. So I got two of our kids, packs our snacks, drinks and headed out for an afternoon of Fun!
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I love using the Evenflo sippy cups for our kids because I know we won’t have slips or leaks even in the car! These leak proof baby sippy cups are the best you will every find! I love the thought that was put into these cups. Our son is currently using the Evenflo Tilty Sippy Cup. This was his First Sippy Cup! It is designed with an angle to make drinking easier and to help with transitioning from bottle to a big boy cup. It also has a valve inside designed to prevent spills.Continue reading