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May 31, 2013

You are Beautiful: Swimsuit Campaign

   Your Beautiful: Swimsuit Campaign 

amee and Margeaux

Your Beautiful every inch, every curve, every bump, and every lump. They all make you who you are. I used to look at myself and see the flaws then I had a daughter. I realized if I pointed out my “flaws” she would begin to see hers. I would try to wrestle with my thighs and move them smooth them but nothing worked. They still had cellulite. I was busted one day massaging them and my husband asked me what I was  you doing? I told him trying to get rid of the cellulite. He said, “Why, I like the dimples.” It made me realize that life is about how you view the world. I love my arms they hug my kids daily, and my legs get me where I am doing. The dimples well I do not have time to pay attention to those I am to busy living my life. I am proud of all of you that decided to stand up with us and announce to the world that we are Beautiful.

swimsuit campaign

I invite all of you to send your pictures to [email protected] Subject: I’m beautiful.

I will add the image to our post. I would love to have hundreds. The question is are you brave enough? Are you powerful enough? Can you show all the women in the world that accepting who you are at any size, shape, weight is true beauty.

   Your Beautiful: Swimsuit Campaign 

Amee- Madame Deals


I’m Beautiful I love my legs and my birthmark which is called the cookie at my house!


beautiful campaign


I’m Beautiful: There are a lot of things I like about myself but I think it’s my attitude that makes the difference. My muse comes from Maya Angelou who says that “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, then change your attitude.”

Life isn’t always going to be fair or easy that doesn’t mean that I have to let it way me down. I try to find the good in everything (even if it’s just something small) and run with it. It’s all about perspective.



swimsuits For All

I’m Beautiful – I love seeing my body change as I lose weight. I look at my daughter (9) and can’t believe that I carried her inside of me. For all my trouble spots, I still marvel that my hair and my bust have never let me down.

Jayme (Gwendolyn’s Daughter)


I am Beautiful – I like to stand out and don’t mind being my own person.


I'm beautiful

I’m Beautiful- I love that my body carried my 4 children. My body also allows me to enjoy my 3 grandchildren.



im beautiful

I’m Beautiful: Loving myself even next to my buff bestie.”


I'm Beautiful

I am beautiful: I love my hips and curves

Shelley (51 !!)

I'm Beautiful

About Me:  I am the Chief Blonde and Blogger at Still Blonde after all these YEARS.
Quote:  have always admired starlets of yesteryear.  I find them so much more womanly than many of the super-slim stars of today.  So I looked to them for my swimsuit inspirations.

I’m Beautiful and I love my Blonde Hair

Sarah P.

your beautiful

I am Beautiful – I love my stomach because I carried 3 babies in there and I have earned my “tiger stripes.”


Sharon – Marathon Mommy


I’m beautiful. My body is strong enough to run a marathon, yet soft enough to cuddle with my babies for as long as they’ll let me. (P.S. Look closely at this photo and you’ll see why I’m laughing in it.)

Judy P.


 I love that I am a Breast Cancer Survivor for almost 5 years and feel healthy and full of life.

Lindsay Sch



Lindsay of Retailista.com

I’ve lost over 30 lbs in the last year and still have some squishy bits but learning to love my new body. I haven’t purchased the suit yet but it is on my must-buy list because my two previous suits are too big! But I promise to buy it and rock it!

Wanda McLean


I love that I have a great sense of humor. I can laugh and learn from my mistakes and never take things too serious.

Mary D.

Nainie NY eve

Hello. I will turn 70 years old in 3 months, and have finally reached the point that I can accept myself as I am – lumps, bumps, bulges, scars and age spots! I had 6 pregnancies, carried 4 to delivery, and no longer care about the ‘railroad tracks’ on my belly – without them I would not have been given my 2 beautiful daughters, my devoted earthly son and my blond angel son. Nor would I have 4 great grandkids! I believe that inner beauty shines through ones eyes – I am told that I smile with my eyes, so I can truly say I’m beautiful, inside and out.

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August 6, 2009

Ask a Teacher


The Morning Routine

It just dawned on me as I was buying my son’s new backpack for kindergarten, because “Mom, Diego is so preschool”, that school is almost here. I am excited for my son to begin his educational journey. I am not excited for the crazy twist that this will put in our morning routine. We have also decided that our son needs to take responsibility for his things. So, I suggest a visual schedule. I also suggest you make this with your child so they have ownership of their chart. This will also save you a lot of time asking those questions like  have you done… do you have… what should you be doing? I do not guarantee it will reduce all the redundant questions but it will help your child become empowered. You can allow them to change the order of their tasks to provide for further choice making opportunities. Does it really matter if they make their bed before brushing their teeth or after?

Here is an explanation

What is it?

Definition from Healing Thresholds

Here is their Link to learn more

visual schedule is a set of pictures that communicates a series of activities or the steps of a specific activity. Visual schedules are meant to help children understand and manage the daily events in their lives . Visual schedules may be created using photographs, pictures, written words, or physical objects. Ideally, they communicate clear expectations for the child and decrease the need for constant adult involvement in the activity . Most visual schedules are introduced with adult guidance that gradually decreases with time .

I used to use these schedules when I taught children with Autism. However, they are valuable for any child who can’t read, requires cues, or needs reminders.

My plan is to take pictures of the tasks he needs to accomplish before he leaves for school:

1) Picture of his bed made

2) Picture of a toothbrush

3) Picture of school clothes

4) Picture of the hamper (this will be a large photo)

5) Picture of breakfast

6) Picture of lunch bag

7) Picture of homework

8) Picture of backpack with all the needed items in it

9) Picture of shoes

10) Seasonal items: rain coat, winter coat, hat, mitten or special item

11) stars,  stickers, stamps, pictures (will be used to show task completion)

12) Based on where your child is, select a way to show order: you can use the numbers 1- however many tasks you have defined (10 for me) soon I will replace my numbers with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, then I will do first, second, third, and finally I will transition to actual times like 6:00, 6:05, 6:10.

visual schedule_0.content

What do you need to make your own schedule

Several pictures these can be homemade or actual photographs or clipart

Card stock or poster board

Velcro dots (this is so you can change the order of your schedule)

Laminate the chart , reward pictures, and task pictures, measurement or order of events (can be done at staples or they make self laminating sheets they are $6.00 for 20 at Sam’s club ( with the leftover sheet use them to laminate special artwork, love notes, or your child’s favorite picture)

I would divide my board in thirds

1st order of the events

2nd  picture of the task to be completed

3rd column is where your child or you places the completed marker ( This is the stickers, stamps, or pictures that you have laminated to some completion)