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February 3, 2017

What to wear when you are 40?

What to wear when you are 40?

I walked into my closet. Yes, I opened the door and didn’t literally walk into it. I mean entered my closet and I had a melt down. You know the kind where you start to shake like a tree int he wind like your blender when you didn’t put enough water in. I had this overwhelming feeling of yikes!

What do you do when your clothes own you?

I suggest taking this class if fashion really overwhelms you the Adore Your Wardrobe class has helped thousands of women gain control. They look better, and they feel better. If you do not want to be a student, then I suggest you do what I did. I took everything out of my closet, and I put it on my bed. Yes, everything. Yes, it was scary I was afraid mountain clothes was going to get me.

Then I did what I read in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I picked up each item to see if they brought me joy. I made three categories:

1) JOY! JOY! JOY! (meaning it looks good, it is in good shape, it is fashionable, it fits me right now, and I feel great in it)
2) This would look better on someone else; it doesn’t bring me joy
3) This needs to be donated what was I thinking.

I gave myself permission to keep 2 things that had sentimental value. That is it! Two! If I could find a picture of myself wearing it before I had kids in the pile it went!

Fashion Style for Women at 40


Fashion Style for Women at 40

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July 12, 2016

Big Summer Shopping Savings with eBay

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of eBay and The Motherhood. All opinions expressed here are mine.

Big Summer Shopping Savings with eBay

How do I win the best-dressed award without having my bank account look like the black hole of darkness? It is a question I get asked often. Where did you find that dress? How did you afford it? How do you afford to keep buying high-quality merchandise at a price that is lower than a department store? Well, the secret is out.

Big Summer Shopping Savings with eBay

I stalk eBay. That is right. I have the eBay mobile app on my phone, and I literally scroll through my favorite designer brands until I find what I like. I equate it to winning the lottery. I mean scoring a dress that you have been drooling over for 10% of its retail price is my kind of utopia.Continue reading

Get Organized with Marie Kondo and Ebay Valet

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of eBay and The Motherhood . All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own, and I hope you enjoy them.

Get Organized with Marie Kondo and Make Money with eBay Valet


We have been talking about me a lot. I told you I am working on my mind, body, and spirit. I am also working on creating a space of my own. I find that my life is cluttered with responsibilities and stuff. I have so much stuff I can’t see what is important. This need for “stuff” has also transferred to my children. I decided that I would be the example and get rid of my stuff and only keep what is important. I am inspired by the methodology of Marie Kondo’s Organizational tips.Continue reading

Ebay Shopping

I am a shopper. I admit to it. I love to find a deal. These are my tips for not spending a lot on your wardrobe. You can check out my other fashion tips on my fashion Friday series. This is how I fill my closet without emptying my pocketbook.

1) I try on clothes at the store.

2) I take my measurements

3) I know what fits look good on me

4) I write a list of things I need

5) I buy classic piece for more than trendy items

6) Everything I buy had to be able to be worn three different ways unless it is for a special event

7) I do my research

8) I wait for the right time to buy

9) I set a limit and decide if I really need it

10) I look at feedback and resale incase the item doesn’t fit . Can I sell it back for a profit or get my money back.

This is my newest purchase.. on Friday I will show you three different ways to wear it. I love Rachel Roy and she offers a high end line at Macy’s for a lot less.

Ebaytotal spent is $8.24 amount saved is $100. 76


November 2, 2012

Grey cowboy boots with sparkle


I know some girls dream of princes I dream of Frye cowboy boots for women. I know that Frye boots promotion hardly ever come up. I am honestly not sure where this boot problem came from since I lived most of my life in Florida and we didn’t wear boots. I can tell you I fell in love with these boots. The problem was they are expensive. They were so much money that after turning over to look at the price I put them down like they were on fire. Then I picked them up and asked to try them on. I tried them on. I fell in love and I gave them back to the clerk. The reason was simple I could throw on my credit card but I could pay off my credit card with them on there.

   I left the store over a year ago. I went online and tried to find them. I spent the next year saving for them. Then I didn’t realize how hard it was to find them. I had a game I played with myself for a year. The do you need that or do you want those Frye cowboy boots for women more. There were time the answer was yes and times the answers were no. I would come home and put the money I saved in the safe. It was sometimes $3.00 and sometimes $30.00. It was birthday money and wow, I saved using coupons money. It was hard earned money. I knew one thing those boots were made for walking and I was going to have them.

   I guess I fell in love with the pearls and the fact that I had never seen Grey Frye Cowboy boots before. Well, I am pleased to announce that I bought my Frye boots. It took over one year but I did it. I even caught my Frye boots on sale I got 15% off. I love how they fit. The leather is subtle and not stiff. The boots hit on my mid calf. They are not heavy and they are very comfy.  They are remarkable You can see what I paid minus 15% by clicking on the pink text below. I am proud of myself for sticking to my goal. It is easy to use a credit card it is harder to actually not buy stuff so you can buy what you really want. What am I saving for next. Well, I am saving for a Rolex. I assume it will take me several years but if you want something you have to work to buy it. You have to give up things to get what you really want. I know one thing I love my boots and I love knowing I paid cash. I should not prior to buying them I paid the extra money the 15% I saved into my children’s college fund.

deborah frye boots

Deborah Frye Boots <— click to find out how much I had to save

Now you can see how much I had to save! Wahoo! I love my new grey boots. They are adorable!


October 12, 2012

Like Twice Review


      I must admit I love to get stuff in the mail. I know gasp. I also am addicted to shopping.  I am addicted to frugal fashion finds. Thus having a deal site makes sense. I know that I can get better deals on the internet than in the stores. I also know what brands look good on me and how to score them for 50% or more off their retail price. I recently went to lunch with another blogger and she shared this awesome site Like Twice. I thought oh she looks cute I am positive this is something I should check out for you.

I went to their site and I signed up for a free $10 credit. You can see my jcrew jacket that I got for $10 off was a real deal. I got my jacket quickly and it looked just like the picture. It fit perfectly and I love it. I am going to shop there all the time. Twice consignment is my new favorite store. I am even going to consign my own clothes on there. It is so much easier to find nearly new clothing on their site then searching the racks of goodwill. I also know they are in great condition and will arrive nicely packaged. This site is the real deal. I suggest you sign up while they give you $10 off your first purchase. I am sure you can find something cute!

$10 off <—

What is your best fashion score?

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