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July 15, 2014

Giving Back Packs #givingbackpack #ebates

Disclosure: I was provided $25 by our sponsor Ebates to purchase a backpack and school supplies. I was not compensated in any other way for this post. #givingbackpack #ebates

Giving Back Packs

giving backpacks
Have you every had an idea? I mean a big idea? One that you decided to take a leap and make it happen. Well, I had an idea a couple years ago. I used to teach school and the one thing that I saw was the kids that came to school without supplies did not preform as well. When I was a teacher I always bought tons of supplies and I would give them to the kids that didn’t have them. I would put them in their desks with their names on them. I would never tell them who did it. I would only say someone must think you are pretty smart.

I became a blogger to teach on a bigger forum. I became a blogger to inspire others. I decided that as bloggers we have a duty to use our influence to help others. That is really how this “giving back packs” to kids idea started. I go and ask companies to partner with myself and my fellow bloggers and we deliver backpacks to kids in need. We are given $25 to shop with. I matched that amount so that I could help two kids obtain back packs. I wanted to take a moment to thank this years sponsor I am positive with their help we will make a positive impact on the students we provide back pack to.  Those students will  then grow up to be people who also make an impact.

I am was really excited this year to take my kids out shopping. I think it is important to teach your children through example. One of the greatest gifts I believe I can give my children is a big heart. They need to learn how to open their hearts and give to others. I took them shopping with the $25 that Ebates provided me and then I put in $25 of our own. We were able to make two backpacks. We dropped off one already to a private school that will take in children who are on public assistance for Preschool. We will drop off the other one when school starts. This is what we bought.

giving back

giving back


My lovely and eager assistants.

We made sure to buy everything on the list. We are grateful for the opportunity to double our efforts and we are thankful to companies like Ebates that make these things possible. Over the next couple of weeks you will see more bloggers like myself post their backpacks. I had the pleasure of co-hosting this event (Madame Deals Media and Ebates and numerous awesome bloggers. It is my hope that you take what you can and do what you can to empower a child in need by providing them with school supplies.

EbatesWhere it Pays to Shop Online. Ebates is the pioneer and leader of online cash back shopping. Ebates pays members cash back every time they shop online as well as provide them with the best coupons and deals online. Founded in 1998, Ebates Inc.’s websites have paid over $250 million in cash to its members. That’s why millions of people have joined Ebates. Sign-up Today!

What do you think of our Giving Back Packs project? Share with us your opinion below.

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October 30, 2013

Ebates Review

Ebates Review


I need to buy lipstick. I learned MAC was not going to sell my lipstick anymore. I opened up my account on Ebates because MAC is never on sale. I noticed Bloomies was having a sale and I would get 6% back on my purchase. That is 6% right off the bat. I really want a designer purse so I put the one I want in my cart just to see if I would get the special event pricing just for Ebates customer.Continue reading

June 4, 2013

Ebates Review: the great Frugal Debate

Ebates Review

Have you been following the great debate? The great debate is who is the best shopper? We are giving you a real Ebates review. They gave us $150 and told us to shop. You can see round one here I am totally winning Ms. Pittsburgh Frugal mom. I already won because I am an Ebates shooper . I got paid $120+ using Ebates you can see my Ebates check.

Ebates Review…..

I need Work Clothes on a Budget so I decided as part of my challenge through Ebates. The company that provided me with an awesome gift card to preform shopping feats of heroic proportions.  You can check out my new dress that I bought for a song.  think buying a dress is super but the secret to building a wardrobe is accessories they change any look.

I logged into Ebates and I went to Claire’s where I got 3.5% back. I then selected 3 pairs of earrings, two bracelets and hair clips. I spent $11.84 and $6.00 shipping so $17.84 plus my dress…. $34.99. That is just $52.84 of the total. That means I have $98 left to spend so far I have over.

work clothes on a budget Dress So  I spent $34.99 and saved  $54.51 and that 3% back is an even bigger savings. Can you tell why I think teaching people about Ebates and a Giftcard would make a super advice to college grad.

The jewelry was$11.84 and $6.00 shipping so $17.84 the retail was $52.50 so I saved $40.66 +3.5%

So I have spent $52.84 total on the dress and jewelry.

Saved 54.11+40.66 (dress+ jewels) $94.77 I wonder what I can do with the $97.16..

I will total up the amounts with the cash back at the end just to show you that it does add up.

Ebates Review

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Work Clothes on a Budget

Work Clothes on a Budget

Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 4.24.48 PM


I need  Work Clothes on a Budget so I decided as part of my challenge through Ebates. The company that provided me with an awesome gift card to preform shopping feats of heroic proportions. I save as much money at Ebates as I can. I just got a check for $120 you can see the Ebates Check.

Work Clothes on a Budget

I had a great idea to get the most for my money. I was going to buy dresses. I was going to implement my savings strategy. You see I like designer clothes. It is true I buy certain brands because I know they will fit and that they are my style. I am a huge fan of Jcrew. The first thing I did to save on the dress above is I went to Ebates. I logged in and I found they had the Jcrew Factory store. Wahoo. I clicked on the link and began to plot my savings. I looked around the site for the dress of my dream in the color and fit that I like and I found the dress above. I hope you picked up two of my savings tips. You can read that paragraph again if you didn’t Then guess how much I paid?

Did you guess just $34.99 with a 3% paid back to me. The retail on the dress was $89.50

So spent $34.99 and saved  $54.51 and that 3% back is an even bigger savings… wonder how Pittsburgh Frugal mom is doing?

You can see my competition that word is used lightly in my  saving money on clothing post. <——

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May 28, 2013

Ebates Challenge : Who Is a Better Shopper

Ebates Challenge

Well the time is here. The time for me to compete against another blogger to find the perfect outfit or outfits to add to my work wardrobe. This is the Ebates Challenge. I am traveling to several conferences this summer and a first impression is all you have to interact with a potential brand. I need to look cute and I need to stay within my budget. Ebates armed myself and Dana, Pittsburgh Frugal Mom with just $150 each to get the best deal.

In Corner #1

Image of Amee

Amee: AKA Madame Deals, Babe, MOM, frugal high end fashion finder, football watching girl next door and may have been called hot lips in several states but I can not confirm or deny that rumor. I love high end looks for less than 50% off the retail price. I am a designer diva on a dime. Recently named a Strategic Splurger by ALL You Magazine, and Women Who Shine’s top Entrepreneur of the Year by Yahoo Shine

In corner #2 where she will stay you know #2

Dana – Her alter ego – Pittsburgh Frugal Mom, Consumer Educator, savvy fashion shopper who cleverly commands retail prices for a fragment of their true price! Dana is a confirmed habitués of online shopping at minimalistic prices for any and everything she and her family needs. Dana will be featured in the upcoming summer issue of RedBook for her shopping diva thriftiness and is partnered with SHOP ‘n SAVE to help shoppers get the most out of their hard earned money! Pittsburgh Frugal Mom

 Ebates Challenge

The rules:

Each Lady was give $150. Each Lady was told to save money and buy great stuff. We knew one thing the place to start savings is Ebates. <——– (note you can also earn money for signing up)  This is a competition of who has the best saving strategy. Who saved the most and who has the best style. The best part is the winner gets to give their fan a $150 gift card to have their very own shopping spree.

Stay Tuned for our purchases

Who do you think will win? You can check out some of my Fashion Friday Sprees to see…

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May 23, 2013

Ebates Paid Me Over $120 for Shopping!

FREE $120 for SHOPPING from Ebates!


Woohoo! I just got Free $122.66 shopping money from Ebates.

Ebates is one of my favorite online shopping site that offers rebates! You can receive extra savings of up to 25% Cash Back when you shop at their list of Over 1200 Online Stores. It’s very simple and you don’t even need to fill-up any form, just shop using Ebates link for the store and they will notify you once your cash back is ready. You even earn cash bonus for referring friends. Check out how you can start using Ebates and earn your way to free shopping money here.

Here’s my latest Ebates account stats:


I recently used Ebates to purchase Hunter boots from Bloomingdale’s, check out how Ebates save me 26% >>> Hunter Boots Deal!

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