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Easy Ways to Organize Your Desk

Easy Ways to Organize Your Desk

Organize Your Desk

 Messy Desk got you down – Check out these Easy Ways to Organize!

easy ways to organize

I do not have enough room in my house to have a dedicated office so I have spent the past years juggling my computer, files,and office stuff between my step-son’s bedroom and my living room (We have converted into a dining room.) I was given a desk and after weeks of putting off organizing everything, I sucked it up and got to work.  I took everything from both places and just piled it all on the desk and around the desk. This picture is only half of the mess, I was surrounded by.

With these Easy Ways to Organize My Desk went from Mess to Fresh!

  1.  Lay all your stuff out so you can see what you have.
  2. Tackle your stack of papers by sorting into 4 piles : To Do, Shred, Recylce, File
  3. Go through all your pens, markers, and pencils and make sure they work.
  4.  Inspect your desk supplies (stapler, whole punch, adding machine, tape dispenser, etc. and make sure they work. Get rid of any duplicates or create a quick office area where you do the mail or school paperwork.
  5. Group all your mailing supplies together, discard any old mailing labels and used envelopes
  6. Once everything has been sorted, you are ready to tackle putting it all away.
  7. Take pocket folders and label them with the information they hold. (bills, permission slips, medical records, etc.)
  8. Place folders in Magazine Holders, categorized by Category (Home, Work,School)
  9. Use baskets or storage container to store pens, pencils, rubber bands, erasers and paper clips.
  10. Place all mailing supplies in a basket or cubby on the desk.
  11. Use a slotted file holder to put your “To Do” Papers.
  12. Place pens, pencils, highlighters in a cup or “upcycled” candle holder.
  13. Store desk supplies together and in easy reach.
  14. Use a power bar to plug in your computer and electronics. This way you won’t have to unplug things to plug in other things.
  15. Finally make sure to shred, file, or recycle the papers you initially sorted.

easy ways to organize

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Easy Ways to Organize your Cleaning Schedule

Simple Schedule of Easy Ways to Organize Cleaning Schedule


Being frugal with money in today’s economy has become a must have but what about being frugal with our time. When I was single it seemed there was always enough time and this continued even after I got married and gained a step-son. It wasn’t until my daughter was born that time seemed to slowly disappear. Then with 1 husband, 2 kids, 1 Father-In-Law, 3 dogs, 12 foster puppies, 2 foster dogs, 2 cats, and a snake, I almost felt like the day really wasn’t 24 hours long. Since you can’t buy hours to add on to your day (and I wouldn’t without a coupon if you could) I had to look for other ways to save time. When I looked around for easy ways to organize and be frugal with my time I found convenience foods, quick cleaning products, eating take-out, and not allowing family members to participate in extra activities. All of that though comes with a price (higher food bills or loss of sanity amongst family members because all you see are each other.) I decided a few months back that I no longer wanted to live like that. So I started with the first area that zapped a lot of my time – Cleaning the house. Since I couldn’t give up cleaning as I am sure my mom would call “Clean House” on me, I looked for ways to make this less time consuming and stressful.

My first order of business was to make my children aware of their responsibilities – This included making their beds, changing their sheets, putting their dirty clothes in the hamper, putting their clean clothes away, cleaning their rooms (which includes dusting, vacuuming, and every day messes), putting their dirty dishes away, and packing their lunches for school. In order to teach them responsibility of pet ownership, they also have to pitch in and help with the foster animals.

photo 8

That accomplished I informed my husband that he had to take ownership of 2 household chores. He chose doing the Laundry and feeding the dogs. Hey, every little bit helps and I can say that now my laundry basket looks like this most days.

easy ways to organize

Finally, I decided to make a calendar with all my chores listed for each day. This would make it easier to get motivated to clean since I knew it would take 30 minutes or less a day. To figure out what needed to be on the calendar, I made a list of everything that needed to be done (even if it was only once a month). Then I went thru and wrote next to each thing how often I wanted to do it. I decided not to bite off more than I knew what possible. I figured if I got the inkling to do it more frequently then I could.

easy ways to organize easy ways to organize

Once I knew how often I needed to figure out what day would be best for each. I tried not to put to much on one day and opted to leave Sunday empty and Saturday with very little so we could enjoy family time without feeling like we had a lot to do at home. I created a calendar in Microsoft Word and got to typing and this is the finished result. For the things I need to do daily I listed them in one of the blank boxes on the calendar and the same with the monthly chores. We cross the things off once they are done so the other family members know what needs to be done. I did it month specific so I would have a handy calendar on my fridge as well but you could make a generic calendar with just the days of the week and follow it on an every other schedule if that is how you have it scheduled out.

easy ways to organize


The greatest benefit from the chore calendar was my husband pitching in more. It seemed that once he saw it in black and white and knew what needed to be done he didn’t mind doing it. I guess he can’t read my brain after all or know what I am thinking. Maybe one day I can figure out how to make that happen but until then I am going to find more ways to put time in my day. So now that I have my easy ways to organize my cleaning schedule, I am ready for the summer to start.

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Here is my Checklist Cleaning House Free Printable


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Easy Ways to Organize your Drawers

Easy Ways to Organize your Drawers

Easy Ways to Organize your Drawers

Say Good-Bye to mess with these Easy Ways to Organize Your Drawers

Do your drawers look like this? I will be honest that is what I found when I opened up my daughter’s dresser. Scary because we have strict rules about that here. I know what she will be doing today after school. So I put my head together and had to think of a better way to organize drawers because it seems we are always pulling out things on top to see what is at the bottom.

So with this easy ways to organize drawers you can avoid that and see everything you have in one glance.Continue reading

May 22, 2013

Easy ways to organize

Save Time and Reduce Frustration with these Easy Ways to Organize

One of my biggest frustrations when cleaning up around the house is the areas of clutter that sprout up. I have picked my Top 2  worst offenders and will show you how to organize them.  Organizing just a few areas will save you time and reduce the stress associated with the clutter.

 Easy Ways to Organize

Your Fridge

easy ways to organize

Does the side of your fridge look like a collection of papers,receipts, pens,magnets, to do lists and more.

Start by pulling everything off your fridge.

Go thru Each Paper, receipt, to do list, etc. and sort into piles (Keep, Shred, Recycle)

For your Keep pile, check and see if they are things you need to File Away or things you need for activities coming up.

Take action on your 3 piles and now you should be left with a Simple Stack of Things to Keep.

Invest in an Organizer you can hang on the side of your fridge. We used the Thirty One Hang Up Home Organizer but you can find similar organizers at your local store.

Organize the remaining papers by what they are needed for and store them in a pocket.Continue reading