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Easter Bunny Water Bottle Craft

Easter Bunny Water Bottle Craft

Easter is a fun time to create some awesome recipes, crafts and decors, but don’t forget that it is also a great time to for us to surprise friends and especially kids with a fun gift. Using simple materials, we can create a lovely Easter bunny gift out of water bottle.


  • Clean and empty water bottle
  • White and pink paper
  • A pair of googly eyes
  • Black button
  • Black marker
  • Alphabet scrapbook stickers
  • Pink ribbon
  • Glitters or Sequins
  • CandiesContinue reading

Easy Crafts for Kids: Toilet Paper Roll Bunny

Easy Crafts for Kids : Toilet Paper Roll Bunny


Easy Crafts for Kids: Toilet Paper Roll Bunny Supplies:

Empty Toilet Paper Roll

Paint or Markers

Cotton Balls

Paper Plate

2 Googly Eyes

1 Pipe Cleaner

1 Pom Pom


Paint the Toilet Paper Roll the color of your choice or you can use markers to color it in.

Cut out ears from paper plate–make sure to leave a 2 inch strip at the bottom of the ear to glue on toilet paper roll.

Color middle of ears pink.

Glue Cotton Balls around edges of ears.

While the ears are drying, glue on googly eyes to one side of the toilet paper roll.

Glue the pom-pom for the nose under the eyes.

Clip the pipe cleaner into 4 equal pieces, glue 2 on each side of the nose.

Cut 2 teeth out of remaining paper plate and glue under nose.

Glue ears on the back inside of the toilet paper roll.


Now you have completed this Easy Crafts for Kids: Toilet Paper Roll Bunny!

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Easy Crafts for Kids : Paper Plate Easter Bunny

It Doesn’t take long to make this Easy Crafts for Kids :Paper Plate Easter Bunny

To make this Easy Crafts for Kids: Paper Plate Bunny you will need the following supplies:

2 White Paper Plates

Bag of Cotton Balls

2-Googly Eyes

3-Pom Poms

2- Pipe Cleaners



Take 1 paper plate and glue cotton balls (2-3 deep depending on the size of your cotton balls).

Take the other paper plate and cut out bunny ears.

Color the ears pink and glue cotton balls along the edges.

Glue the googly eyes at the top of the empty space in the middle of the plate.

Glue the pom-poms making a nose under the eyes.

Cut the Pipe Cleaners in half and glue 2 on each side of the Pom-Pom nose

Draw in the smile/mouth with a marker.

Tie a bow from the ribbon and glue on the bottom of the paper plate.


Now you have made a Paper Plate Bunny – the super Easy crafts for kids!!

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Easter Craft: Jelly Bean Butterfly

Frugal Kid Easter Craft: Jelly Bean Butterfly

Butterflies are a sign that Spring is here. When you can’t wait for the real ones to show up in your neighborhood create your own with this delicious looking Butterfly. This is a great Easter Craft but with Jelly Beans being available all year round now, this makes a great anytime craft.


Jelly Bean Butterfly Supply List

Bag of Jelly Beans

1 – Snack Size Zip-top baggie

Clothes Pin

1 Pipe Cleaner


Googly Eyes

Jelly Bean Butterfly Directions

Decorate the clothespin with markers.

Glue googly eyes to top of clothespin (the clippy side)

Take the pipe cleaner and cut it in half.

Fold one half in half again, curling the tips to look like antennas

Fill the baggie with Jelly Beans.

Open clothespin and slide up the middle of the Jelly Beans Baggie.

Slip in the antennas and close the clothespin.

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Easter Bonnet: Crafts

Easter Bonnet

I know this isn’t your typical Easter Bonnet but my daughter didn’t want a hat. What is the mom to a diva to do? Well, make her something fancy. The best part is this is a craft that kids can do.

Easter Bonnet Materials

Ribbon, Scissors, head band, ribbon, tulle, imagination

This is the famous bowdabra … I love mine but you do not need one for this craft. It is for those of us that need help with this stuff. It also is helpful when you have little crafters working with you.

                                                  Darice BOW1003 Bowdabra Bow Maker and Craft Tool <—- you can buy one if you want

If you want to see how I made them you can check out my you tube video. It is os much easier to explain when you see it. The point is you can whip these up and place them in birthday gifts, easter baskets, princess party favors, and dance competition head gear. They are a favorite craft in our house and we just keep buying headbands at the $1 store. Then we keep our crafting scraps and recycle them into something adorable. You take the headband and tie your scraps on with the ribbon then you curl the ribbon. It takes me about 2 minutes but it takes a little longer for my 4 year old to make hers. The picture above is of a headband that she made with my help. I had to tie it but she cut the scraps and stacked them This is a super craft and it is a great Easter Bonnet for the child that doesn’t want a traditional hat.

I would also like to remind you that no matter what they create be proud of them. Enjoy the time you spend with them and keep on crafting! If you have a moment pin our post so other can make something pretty for themselves or someone else.

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