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May 4, 2015

Summer Pool Fun Survival Kit

Thanks to Dollar General my family is ready for the pool this summer. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am a swim mom. Much like a soccer mom just add water! Beginning in two weeks I will be spending every morning and most afternoons at the pool. My children will have swim team practice every day. I know spending your days at the pool does not seem like such a hardship and really it isn’t. However, it does require a little preparation and planning so that everyone has a great time and enjoys the water and being part of the team including, the swim mom or dad. I start every swim team season by putting together my summer survival kit. So what is in my kit?

Beach Towels – We need new ones every year since we use them every day all summer long. Beach towels can be expensive but you can find some great towels at a great price at Dollar General.

Sunscreen – I always buy both spray on and lotion varieties. My children do NOT like having sunscreen applied but it is necessary. I get the spray because it is quick and easy. I buy the lotion for faces and ears because I want to really make sure those areas are covered and I don’t like the spray so close to their faces. Sunscreen also gets costly. The Dollar General brand is affordable and it works so that is what I buy.

Water bottles:

It is important to make sure everyone stays hydrated so I pack a water bottle for everyone. This year I also bought a nifty little ice cube tray that makes sticks of ice which fit easily into the water bottles.

Powdered single serving juice mixes: Convincing the kids to drink plenty of water is sometimes met with resistance. When that happens I pull out the flavored drink packets and let the kids shake up some fun in their water bottles.

Dive sticks, dive rings, or water toys: So here is the deal, you may think that just being at the pool is enough to keep the kids entertained. Well after going to the pool every day for a few weeks I find that the kids need something else to keep them entertained. So I pick up toys that the can play with in the pool. I will break out a new toy once a week. Dollar General has a great variety of pool toys. They are also inexpensive which is great because what happens to those toys? They get lost or left behind or accidentally find their way into someone else’s bag. No biggie, we have all come home with a toy or two that don’t belong to us. It is just one of those things. So if you don’t spend very much money on the toys then you won’t mind if they slowly disappear throughout the season.

Snacks: We always take along a cooler with lunch and plenty of snacks. Swimming is hard work and my kids are always hungry. Lunch is always healthy usually sandwiches or salads, yogurt, cheese, and fresh fruits and vegetables. I am a little less strict about snacks though. I found a lot of great snack options at Dollar General. I picked up pretzels and cheese dips in single serve packs. I will go back throughout the season and get different snacks.

Bags or buckets: You need something for the kids to carry their stuff in. Yes that is right I said for the kids to carry their stuff in. I am not a pack mule and can’t carry everything. Each child is responsible for one container to carry into the pool. This teaches them that everyone has to pitch in and to be responsible for their own belongings.
There you have it, my summer pool fun survival pack. Are there any other items you and your family need to survive the summer at the pool? I was able to find everything I needed for my summer survival kit at Dollar General. Save on summer essentials with Dollar General! You can save even more buy shopping advertised deals, buying Dollar General Brands, and signing up for digital coupons. What summer activities will you need to create a survivial kit for?

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July 4, 2014

No More Bored Kids with the Summer Savings at Dollar General

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.


No More Bored Kids with the Summer Savings at Dollar General 

   At Dollar General all of your summer needs are answered. I was given a challenge and that was to have my kids spend $35 to get as many things as they could find to stop the age old cry of I am bored. I think they did a super job. I was frankly surprised by the amount of items we were able to buy. I have children that are all different ages and they were each able to find things that would amuse them.

No More Bored Kids!

Here is how we intend to stay happy and not get bored!

You can see my kids got tons of stuff. They all walked out with two bags each. I gave them each a budget and they had an amazing time picking out things and figuring out who got the best deal.
This is how my youngest was going to fight boredom
1) Make drawings with chalk
2) Trace his brother and sister with chalk
3) make hop scotch with the chalk
4) Play hot wheels on the table
5) Build a hot wheel trail
6) Hungry hippo game "to play with his friends and maybe mom"
7) She is going to color
8) Write in a journal
9) Write letters
10) Have a sticker collection
11) Get her nails done
12) Play marbles
13) Hide marbles
14) Play princess card games
15) Play games hiding cards
16) Go swimming with his goggles
17) Jump off the diving board with his ear plugs
18) Do a puzzle with mom and dad
19) Have his brother and sister count the puzzle pieces when they annoy him
20) Jot down notes and erase them
21) Make up a story in his notebook
22) Write letters to friends
23) Play blocks with his friends and maybe with siblings if they are good
24) Build Airplane
25) Play outside with the airplane
26) Color pictures with color pencils
27) Play tic tac toe
28) Letter of the alphabet will be used for spy papers
29) He plans to use his brother's cars to make an airport with paper people and cars
30) He may play cards with his sister if she is nice and doesn't tell his friends he used pink cards
I can't tell you what was more fun in going shopping with my kids. The ideas they came up with to not get bored or the pictures they wanted me to take of them while playing with their new toys. I was really pleased with the amount of things I could buy with so little! Dollar General is more than a place to pick up your staples it is the play to increase your summer fun. Check out the summer savings at Dollar General and say no to boredom.

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July is Anti-Boredom month and I’m honored to be part of Dollar General’s campaign. My kids will definitely be happy and busy with all the fun stuff they got. Battle boredom now by checking out the summer savings at Dollar General. With a wide in-store selection of summer essentials, DG has all your needs for everything from a day at the water park to a gardening day with your kids. Spend the day baking or grilling out for less with DG products.

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August 21, 2013

Dollar General College Dorm Room Savings Trip

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

My daughter, a third year college student lives in a living college (private dorm) which is not a typical dorm.  She and her suitemates are required to clean their own bathrooms and supply their own cleaning supplies, toilet paper and paper towels.  Dollar General is a great place to get these necessary items at an affordable price.  We had a budget of $20 to spend so with shopping basket in hand we headed for the cleaning supplies.  We found sponges, foam bathroom cleaner, all purpose cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, dish soap, paper towels, scented trash bags (because college trash cans tend to smell pretty bad) a new tooth brush and some mouthwash.Continue reading