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February 28, 2012

Chutzpah: Dogs at work

Chutzpah. This is a word that is used often by myself because sometimes I just can’t believe what people do. I mean really! I thought it would be fun to share our Chutzpah moments. The only rules are no names of stores, people, or events. You may also not use inappropriate language. Leave a comment listing your favorite Chutzpah moment! I mean laughter is the best medicine.

chutzpah Or khutspe. Nerve, extreme arrogance, brazen presumption. In English, chutzpah often connotes courage or confidence, but among Yiddish speakers, it is not a compliment.

I love animals. I however do not like animals that are know biters. I recently went to a local hair salon. I saw a small dog and I really didn’t think much of the dog. That was until my child was having his hair cut and the salon owner explained my other child should not go near the dog since it bites. I kept thinking then pick up the dog and put her in the back until we leave. If you have a dog that is a known biter than it should not be in your place of business when clients are there. If you know your dog bites put a sign on the door. I would have never gone there and I will never go back. If you want to bring your dog to work make sure your dog should not be a danger to children.

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