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Top 10 DIY Baby Gift Ideas

Top 10 DIY Baby Gift Ideas

DIY baby gift ideas

The stores are overflowing with baby gifts and presents but the ones that people remember the most are the ones that are handmade. These gifts are made with love and show that you cared to take the time to create something special and individualized. Making gifts yourself also means you can customize them time you make them so every child has their own “One of a Kind” gift. Continue reading

DIY Decorative Burp Rags

 Save Money by creating these Decorative Burp Rags in just a few simple steps.


decorative burp rags 1

No one wants to be carrying around plain white burp rags but it can get pricey for the fancy ones. I also find that the fancy ones aren’t always as thick as the good old plain cloth diaper style ones. This simple DIY project will give you cute decorative burp rags with all the durability without spending a fortune.

How to Make Decorative Burp Rags

Items Needed

6 Cloth Diapers

1 yard Soft Flannel Material (design of your choice)

Sewing Machine with matching thread

DirectionsContinue reading