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May 19, 2012

Free Money

Let's go shopping!

Okay, I like free money. I found a way to get more for my money without using a COUPON. I know fall over but I have a method to my madness. I use gift cards. I buy them from Plastic jungle. I save from 5%-20% off. I call that free money. This week I bought $100 worth of cards at JcPenny and I save $25. I also bought $100 to Build a Bear gift card for my son’s birthday party and I saved $12. I also saved money using my Discover Card I bought everything on it this money and I got paid cash back which I used to buy gift cards. I pay mine off every Wednesday so that I use it like a checkbook but to make money. You can see how to use my Discover Card to turn it into FREE money. I love love love to discover. This is my favorite card because of the cash back rewards. The credit card transfers. Sign up for a Discover Card.

The cards arrive in the mail fairly quickly or they are Ecards if you cash out on Discover or they even have E giftcards at Plastic Jungle. You can save up to 30% on gift cards from Plastic Jungle. Do you know that, a great way to save is by buying discounted gift cards and using it to shop? Yes, instead of using cash, buy discounted gift cards and use it for your personal purchases. It’s like creating your own sale anytime you want! You can even combine it with coupons to score bigger savings. And gift cards are great holiday presents so buy now for later. You cna pair them up with a great sale to save even more!

Once you get the card then I look for a coupon code. You can use the card and the search quickly on the retail me not widget on my side bar for retail coupons to make the deal even sweeter.

If you do get an actual card pull them out and place them on the table. Then I take a vis a vis marker or a sharpie works and I write the amount on the cards.  You can write the balance as it lowers.

If you buy giftcards it will control your spending, give you more money to spend, and allow you to plan your shopping trip with in your budget. I saved over $200 this month buying giftcards and using retail me not.

Save up to 30% at your favorite stores.
Just ADDED Kroger is giving you 2x points towards gas if you buy giftcards from them.. This is another way to save on gas and that is more FREE money. It is not what you save it is what you spend and spend less