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Dessert Recipes for Kids: Peach and Blueberry Cobbler Recipe

Dessert Recipes for Kids

Dessert Recipes for Kids

We love fresh peaches in our home! Our favorite recipe is a traditional peach cobbler, that gets an extra kick from adding blueberries! The blueberries add enough tart to the sweetness of the peach to completely satisfy your palate. And leave you wanting more!

The more ripe your peaches are, the sweeter they will be for this recipe! I hope you enjoy!

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Fun Fruit Recipes for Kids: Peach Cobbler

Fun Fruit Recipes for Kids: Peach Cobbler

fun fruit recipes for kids

I had so much fun earlier this month making blackberry cobbler for my guest post on another great blog. And when I found out that we were going with a peaches theme for our recipes this week, I knew right away that I’d be making peach cobbler this time. It’s delicious and really couldn’t be easier. And it’s the perfect time of year for peaches – the peaches that I picked up from my local grocery store were just amazing.Continue reading

Kid Smoothie Recipes: Peachy Banana Cobbler

Delicious Kid Smoothie Recipes – Peachy Banana Cobbler

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kid smoothie recipes

My kids don’t always eat yogurt but it in a drink form and they go nuts for it. Buying drinkable yogurt get very expensive and it is not very filling. With a few simple ingredients you can create a drink that your kids will love and you will know that it is very healthy. These make great breakfasts for on the go or a quick snack at the end of a busy day. 

I don’t just cook with my 9 year old. My 17 year old niece and 14 year old son got in on the fun and helped create this delicious smoothie. They both agreed that it was delicious and liked the blend of flavors.

Follow these simple steps to create this Delicious Kid Smoothie Recipes!


Don’t Forget to Start your day out right with this refreshing Kid Smoothie Recipes

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Popsicle Recipes for Kids: Watermelon Pops

Popsicle Recipes for Kids

Watermelon Popsicle

Kids love popsicles…and who can blame them? There’s nothing better than a sweet, frozen treat after a spending a hot summer afternoon playing outdoors. Last week at my daughter’s end-of-the-school-year party, one of the moms brought in frozen watermelon pops. They were delicious, sweet, and the easiest thing ever to make. My kids LOVE watermelon, so I knew I had to try these.

popsicle recipes for kids

Watermelon Pops – Easy Popsicle Recipes for Kids


It doesn’t get much easier than that, does it? If you leave the rind on the watermelon, it can be used to hold the popsicle. I’ve seen other variations online where the rind is removed and popsicle sticks are stuck into the watermelon slices before freezing. You can even get creative and use cookie cutters to cut your watermelon slices into shapes! Keep them in your freezer for when your kids are looking for a cool treat – or make a big batch and serve them at a summer BBQ or birthday party!

popsicle recipes for kids

Looking some great Dessert Recipes for Kids? Try Cola Cake Featuring Chek Soda and Ice Cream Sandwiches!

And for more easy and fun recipes for kids, check out our Cooking with Kids page!

What are your popsicle recipes for kids? Share them here!

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Yummy Jello Kids Recipes

A Jello Kids Recipes everyone will enjoy  – Very Cherry Jello Salad

jello kids recipes

My husband was craving something sweet and it was too late to bake. My daughter wanted jello but I knew my husband would need something with a little more substance. My daughter and I put our heads together and combined her favorite Very Cherry Fruit Cocktail with Cherry Jello.

We created this delicious Jello Kids Recipes : Very Cherry Jello Salad


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Jello Cookies

Mini Jello Watermelons

Sugar Free Candy with Jello

Dessert Recipes for Kids


Make sure to visit our Recipes Kids Can Make page for more yummy recipes that kids will love!

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Kid Jello Recipes: Jello Cookies

Your kids will flip for this Kid Jello Recipes: Jello Cookies

Everybody loves Jello but after awhile jello alone can get boring. My daughter finished school on Thursday so we are on a mission to see what we can make with Jello. I am sure by the end of summer we will have tried Jello with almost everything and I can’t wait to share these wonderful recipes with everyone else. Take the time yourself to try out our 1st recipe with Jello and let us know what you think of it.

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