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Christmas Decoration Ideas

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Christmas Decoration Ideas

The holidays are coming and one of my favorite parts is decorating. I am not sure why but those bows and balls, lights, and trees speaks to me. I think back to my younger self whose face was firmly pressed to the car window so I could look at the homes with their decor. It was the days before the technology overtook our curiosity. I would imagine who lived in those house as the car sped by. I would think they must be snuggled on the couch drinking hot chocolate.

Why would anyone spend so much time doing something that only lasts for a couple of weeks?

I then thought about it  and we make a cake for a birthday and devour it on that day. We lick our fingers after we dive into the frosting. We sing a song and blow out candles. It is a ritual.  It is something you do to provide joy not only to yourself but to those around you.

What if decorating your home wasn’t in the budget?

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June 6, 2013

Spring Savings Inside and Out

Spring Savings

spring savings

Spring Savings Inside and Out Tips

We have been on a tight budget after moving into our new to us home here in CT two years ago. I have found a lot of ways to save. One is on our mulch. Our local Bulky Waste dump has mulch and they will even load it in your truck. This time of year they only have single shredded mulch, but when it comes to free versus $11/bag or $24/scoop I can live with single shredded. I don’t think it looks bad at all it also seems to last longer. Take a look. What do you think?


We also plant vegetables at the community garden and starting a lot of the plants from seed saves a lot of money. For example a package of tomato seeds is about $1.50 to $2.50 versus $3.50 for one 5 inch plant. It’s easy to do. Take a look at my plants they are screaming to get into the ground in the garden spot. I have about 40 plants in the photo and still have seeds left. I had so many tomatoes last year I still have canned tomatoes in the basement.


Inside I do the big spring clean of the house steaming the floors and vacuuming well as well as washing down the walls. I like to make everything feel fresh by just changing some of the furniture and lamps around. I have to move it to clean under it well anyway so why not move it to a different spot. This spring I moved the wool rug from the living room into the family room and rearranged my daughter’s room entirely.

One of the other things I did this spring was I took some baskets I had lying around and put my house plants in them to give them a new look.


My last idea for inside (at least for the moment) is to have your kids do finger some finger painting. It’s really 3 fold they can keep busy and create some art and you place it in a frame you have lying around to help brighten up a space and they feel great because you’ve displayed their artwork for everyone to see.


Thanks to Heidi G. for sharing her spring savings tips!

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