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Dating on a Budget Ideas

Dating on a Budget Ideas

Dating on a Budget Ideas

In a previous article I mentioned alimony and child support being immovable parts of a budget, thus preventative measures need to be taken to keep that cost from occurring. Money talk can be the source of a lot of stress within a couple. Finding ways to facilitate healthy discussions about finances is important to getting on the same page and executing a family financial plan. There are great communication facilitators out there. A favorite of mine is “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. Important understand the way that everyone in your family communicates and also to understand the way that you communicate in order to work through big issues towards a common goal. Try not to let money and issues surrounding it not be one of the reasons that your relationship “doesn’t make it”. You don’t need money to make a relationship work any time and commitment. There are plenty of great Dating on a Budget Ideas for ways to strengthen your relationship and connect to your partner that do not involve spending money that you can’t afford to spend. What is the point in an expensive, romantic night out if it’s going to cost you down the line in ways that are deeper than your pockets?

Here’s some great Dating on a Budget Ideas to get you started:

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February 18, 2011

The Art of Dating

Is the Art of dating gone? Do we live in a world where it is okay to text someone to ask them out? The answer is “yes” for some girls. I am still the kind of lady that requires a phone call. I have had a rule that many have failed to follow and that is adore me or be gone. I have to say my husband still follows that same rule that won my heart almost 14 years ago.

It is important to love the one you are with and adore them everyday. It is often difficult in our case with three children, work, travel for work, running a business or two, three children (I know I said that twice but boy oh boy are kids a lot of work), and managing a house. I have to say we often do not set up “dates” often enough. I am encouraged to get ourselves organized now that I have some ideas on childcare options.

This week my husband called me while he was on travel to ask me out. I started laughing at first then I realized he was serious, so after feeling like a goof ball, I accepted. He asked me to go to the movies at home. He is going to pick out something I will like from the library since it is free and then he will make me snacks and dinner. I did suggest the Blockbuster kiosk is $1.

This is very sweet and the reason behind the movie at home date besides saving money is my husband has a difficult time staying awake at the theater and I usually get really upset when he falls asleep during  the movie. He asked me why I am so surprised since on our first date he fell asleep during SCREAM. I’m sure didn’t marry him for his ability to stay awake during movies.

He apparently didn’t marry me for being the shy type, so we’re even. The point is to make an effort with the person you love. That means call them and invite them out even if “out” is dinner and a movie at home. I mean there is a really good chance they will say “yes” so at least the pressure is off.


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