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Skinny Italian Cream Cheese Frosting Cupcakes

Skinny Italian Cream Cheese Frosting Cupcakes



This weekend my family is celebrating my Dad’s Birthday! His…30th….Birthday…yeah..Ha! Every year he requests an Italian Cream Cake as his birthday treat, and every year we scour the stores to find one. (They are actually pretty hard to find around here!). But truth be told we shouldn’t be getting him this indulgent cake every year. Why? Well, he is diabetic. Now you see the problem right? I didn’t want to deprive my dad of his favorite cake, so I thought this year I would try to make some Skinny Italian Cream Cheese Frosting Cupcakes! Are cupcakes good for you? Nope. Are these cupcakes better for you than a big slice of traditional Italian Cream Cake? Absolutely! Continue reading

May 5, 2014

Cookie Butter Cream Cheese Dip Recipe

Cookie Butter Cream Cheese Dip Recipe

Cookie Butter Cream Cheese Dip Recipe

Do you have a Trader Joe’s in your area? If you do I’m going to guess that you have heard of the deliciousness that is their cookie butter. It’s amazing all by itself, but there are many things you can do with it besides eat it off the spoon! I use it for snacks, in baking, and to change up the traditional PB and J sandwich. Are you looking for new Ways to Eat Cookie Butter? Today I’m sharing with you one of my most delicious recipe. This Cookie Butter Cream Cheese Dip Recipe is so delicious and you only needs 3 ingredients! You can use this as dip for fruits or even as spread. It’s a family favorite and is great for parties or gatherings! Continue reading

November 20, 2013

Cream Cheese Pasta Bake

Cream Cheese Pasta Bake



If you love easy, hearty meals in winter like I do, then you will love my Cream Cheese Pasta Bake! This is an easy recipe to make, and oh-s0-yummy! This is a family favorite in my house, and I love it because it doesn’t take long to make! You can also use pretty much an pasta you already have in your pantry! This cream cheese pasta bake is great to take to holiday gatherings, and the leftovers are awesome!Continue reading

May 22, 2013

Cream Cheese Spaghetti Bake

Delight your senses with this Delectable Cream Cheese Spaghetti Bake

My family loves spaghetti but I get tired serving the same old dish week after week. I went on a mission to find a way to bring some zip back to our dinners. I found the perfect way to zing up their taste buds. I tried a twist on Spaghetti and added cream cheese. The result was a delicious Cream Cheese Spaghetti Bake. It left my husband speechless and my kids asking for seconds.

cream cheese spagheti Bake

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May 9, 2013

Cream Cheese Baked Crab Rangoon Recipe

Check out this Tasty Baked Crab Rangoon made with Light Cream Cheese

Baked Crab Rangoon

This perfect Cream Cheese Baked Crab Rangoon recipe will be a hit at parties,potlucks and home dinners.

The thing I like best about this recipe is how simple it is to put it together. Yet, it looks like you spent hours. The baking of this recipe saves calories and fat versus the fried version. This makes a perfect starter to a Chinese Themed Dinner or as a snack for when company is over. Let me know what you would make this for and how you think your guests would like it below.Continue reading