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Are you sensitive to the Gluten in your Make-Up?

After being diagnosed with Celiac disease over six months ago, I have gone through a transition in the way I eat, and live, which I have blogged about here over the past couple of months.  However, I have not yet explored the world of gluten-free cosmetics.   As I have been exploring food options I have seen references to gluten-free cosmetics, but decided that I would explore that option later. Just eating gluten-free has been enough for me to digest (pun intended).  Now that I am comfortable with my new lifestyle, I am starting to think about changing my cosmetics to be gluten-free as well.  It makes sense to me that if your body is reacting to gluten when it is inside of your body, it might also react to gluten on your skin.   I have discovered through my initial research that even though the gluten molecules are scientifically proven to be too large to penetrate the skin, some people with sensitivity can end up digesting their lipstick, or touching their face and transferring the make-up onto their hands which ends up inside their bodies.  Also, there may be an allergic reaction or an autoimmune reaction to gluten on the skin in some people.Continue reading

October 18, 2012

Ask a Make Up Artist: Tips to Save Money on Brand Name Cosmetics Part 2


Note: This article is a follow up article, checkout part 1 here.

Tip #5 = Just because it’s more expensive, does NOT mean the quality is better!
The Cosmetics Industry as a whole, profits LUCRATIVELY from this concept (which, by the way, is entirely FALSE). We all know that “good things are never cheap and cheap things are never good,” but realize that the hefty retail price tag of the make up counters has mostly to do with the advertising, overhead (paying employees, incentive trips, travel expenses for Execs, training, renting space in the mall, etc), packaging, and marketing, rather than quality ingredients. Obviously the “good stuff” is never cheap (quality ingredients, DO cost money). But don’t “buy in” to the idea that everything Chanel, Bobbie Brown, MAC, Lancome, Estee Lauder, Nars, etc is WORTH the price tag.Continue reading

October 11, 2012

Ask a Make Up Artist: Tips to Save Money on Brand Name Cosmetics

Tips to Save Money on Brand Name Cosmetics

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Makeup Artist Secrets: Tips to save money on brand name cosmetics at a luxury make-up counter or department store!

Ever walk through the Cosmetics Counters of a luxury department store in the mall and wonder, “Are these high-end luxury brand cosmetics worth the higher price tag?” Well, I’m here to give you some straight advice on how to save some money while at these make up counters so that you don’t break the bank!

Here are some things I’ve learned in my years of experience as a Freelance Makeup Artist…

Tips to Save Money on Brand Name CosmeticsContinue reading