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March 20, 2014

Frozen Pudding Pops Recipe

Frozen Pudding Pops Recipe

frozen pudding pop

Do you remember the Cosby Show? I used to love that show and one of the things they ate was Jello Pudding Pops. It dawned on me that my children have never had a pudding pop. I decided to do what all moms do and make them. I need recipes that do not have nuts or diary so this is a greta one since it is a nut free recipe for kids. I am always on the hunt for cute ideas since my kids have nut allergies.  This was an easy recipe that my kids could make. It can easily be altered for kids with dairy allergies.

Frozen Pudding Pops Recipe

Box of pudding

Rice Milk

Peeps or jelly beans


ingredients peeps jello pops

Make pudding according to the directions just replace the milk with rice milk

rice milk

Two cups of cold rice milk


Then pour in the pudding mix and mix, mix, mix, and mix for two minutes. This is when the kids get to work!

bunnies spray with pam

Put your bunnies in your mold. I bought this mold at the Dollar Tree.

pudding into jello

Then add the pudding and freeze. Once they are frozen I did pop them in warm water to get the pop out quickly.

peeps margeaux (1 of 1)


I am  a huge fan of fun things you can do in five minutes for check out the peeps projects below for more fun and easy ideas.


Peeps Projects and Recipes

another  Kids easy recipes is this recipe for peach mango pops



Cupcake Recipes For Kids : JellyBean Cupcakes

Cupcake Recipes For Kids – JellyBean Cupcakes

cupcake recipes for kids


Cupcakes are the perfect treat for any occasion and they are fun to make and decorate with the kids. I wish I had time to create all my cupcake delights from scratch but I have learned to get creative with box mixes and create fabulous Cupcake Recipes for Kids. This allows us to gather together as a family and experiment and create tasty confections that we then can share with our famil and friends. While shopping at the store this week we were inspired by the endless bags of Jelly Beans and decided to create Jelly Bean Cupcakes. The best part is thanks to the popularity of Jelly Beans many brands offer them year round so you don’t have to worry about only finding them at Easter time. If you are limited for time don’t worry because this recipe only adds a few more minutes to the usual time that it takes to prepare a boxed mix and the taste is completely worth those few extra minutes. Continue reading

October 20, 2013

DIY Craft: Finger Mitts Potholders

DIY Craft:  Finger Mitts Potholders


Ever think that potholders are too bulky for carrying that hot item whether it be a mug or a casserole?  Try these Finger mitt potholders!

fingermitts 007

Several years ago I was given some odd shaped potholders at a wedding shower. I had no idea why they were so odd shaped. I have now come to truly appreciate the size, shape and usefulness of these finger mitt potholders. The two pockets serve to protect your thumb and a couple other fingers as you grip a hot pot or tray. These are les bulky and much easier for some children to use. You can even adjust the size of the pattern as needed. Less bulk can lend to a better grip on the hot item.Continue reading

Cooking with Kids – How to series 4

Cooking with Kids- How to series 4

What first? -Cooking with Kids

The best way to get children interested in cooking is to give them easy recipes that they can have success with quickly.  Cooking with kids is really quite easy once you get the hang of it.  You just assess your child, their interests, and the recipe.  It is true that any recipe will have something a child can help you do to make an awesome dish.  However, we want to have the children learn the skills as well as experience success.  This how to series is set up so that the recipes are organized in such a manner that you can show the child a recipe, practice the recipe with a child then allow the child to “teach” the same recipe to you, a friend or a sibling in order to foster independence in the kitchen as quickly and safely as possible.

Cooking with kids recommends high interest, quick and easy  no heat or cooking level 1a recipes first:

No recipe needed: Pudding (from the box) –pour into a ready made graham cracker crust for a quick and easy pie

Pudding pies with a few extras: fall Pumpkin pie, pistachio pie

Cereal bars are a quick , tasty breakfast or snack!

Apple snacks- trail mix dip, Smiles, Cream cheese fruit dip

Chocolate Chip ‘lasagna’ 

A yummy gluten free, egg free chocolate chip cookie dough snack- great for dipping graham crackers or (Cooking with Kids– How to series level 3a pudding cookies. )

Want to work on a ‘real meal’ rather than just dessert? Try making your own Mexican seasoning mix for tacos.

Gift ideas from children at this level could included gifts in a quart jar- just layer dry ingredients in the jar.  Put a label and ribbon on the jar.  These mixes could also be dumped in a ziploc for quick assembly at a later date.  Here are a couple  gifts in a jar recipes:   homemade body scrub, Brownie mix in a jar.

Cooking with kids- how to Hamilton beach mixer, Amazon

Hamilton Beach mixer available from Amazon

Cooking with Kids-How to series first level recipes are simple measure and mix, no cutting, no bake or heat.

Read Cooking with Kids– How to series 1, 2,  and 3.

Cooking with Kids – How to series Part 3

Cooking with Kids – How to Series Part 3

Cooking with Kids– LITERALLY How (tools and practice)

Once children know where ingredients and tools are kept Cooking with kidsHow to series 1 and children / parents are accustomed to being together in the kitchen Cooking with KidsHow to series 2
 Children can become more involved by practicing ” like” actions in the sink.  If you are mixing something in a bowl with a spoon, you could give similar ingredients or just water in a bowl (set it in a clean sink) for your child to stir.  If he or she has difficulty keeping the water in the bowl you can use colored water or jello to show them the splashes that are coming out into the sink.  Keeping the area clean and the ingredients in the bowl can be not only the goal but made into a “game.” The first time a child uses a tool should be in a fun setting- Try using the mixer with water in the sink.  Children inevitably lift the mixer out of the liquid while the power is on, splashing everything around.  It is much easier to clean water than beaten egg splashed all over the cabinet.  Making pudding (perhaps bought for .25 /3 as in Real Deals) is a great starter recipe.  A whisk can be used to mix the pudding into the milk.  A single measuring cup , clearly marked 1 cup can be used to measure the milk and even very young children realize putting 1 and 1 together give you 2 thus meeting the measurement for the milk.  My mom use to tell us “Watch one, do one, teach one”… well I apply this to my children.  I show them -they watch, I watch- they do, and then they teach – generally a sibling (while I supervise!)  By this point the child is able to do what they need to independently because along the way they have asked questions!  Children love to teach or be in charge.
Cooking with kids recommends taking the pudding mix and putting it into a ready made graham crust for your first recipe.  Cheesecake pudding would not require any extras.  This fall pumpkin pudding pie and this pistachio pudding pie have a few extra add in ingredients.

Amazon: Fox Run 9 piece kitchen tool set– for cooking with kids: the pieces are made on a smaller scale to fit smaller hands!

Read Cooking with Kids- How to series 1 and Cooking with Kids- How to series 2

Cooking with Kids – How to Series Part 2

Cooking with Kids – How to Series Part 2

Why and When: Cooking with Kids

As you start cooking with kids there will be moments when your child is not actively engaged and you need to be prepared with something for them to do while you work on the adult steps of the recipe.  This part of the series addresses why and when you have the children in the kitchen.  In those moments, then have them work on this list of cleanupCleaning up as you go is a very important step to teach children so they don’t create a hurricane kitchen mess that has to be cleaned up later- a job noone wants!
Why have your child in the room with you? So you can teach them, have quality time with them and protect them.  Learning to cook is a life skill that incorporates Science, Math, and Reading comprehension.   Whether you are homeschooling full time or part time (how I label parents who are involved after school hours!) cooking with kids provides an excellent teaching time and life skill.  Teaching them includes answering their questions.    If you have not had your children in the kitchen with you, then cooking with kids will allow opportunities to test your patience.  You need to answer the many questions that are sure to come.  If you don’t know the answer then look it up and even in doing so you will teach your child to seek out the answers needed! Online tools such as this conversion chart are great for printing and keeping handy while cooking with kids.   The questions may not be the only thing you need to be prepared for…my kitchen is super small.  I have to be careful not to trip over or bump into my children when they are with me in the kitchen so I have to be more aware of my surroundings and slow down a bit.  So, I can only have my children in the kitchen when they know what they are doing and or I am able to slow down my meal prep in order to accomodate them.

Curious Chef 17 piece measure and prep kit 

Both you and your child should be acclimated to having one another around in the kitchen before you start cooking with kids!

Read the  first Cooking with kids- How to series 1

Make sure you have the ingredients for these cereal bars in your kitchen so you are ready for a cooking with kids beginner recipe!