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How to Clean Using Natural Products

How to Clean Using Natural Products

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We are faced with many options in cleaning products and everyday it seems there are ads promising better results or better smells. Does the fact something smells like Citrus trees mean it cleans better than something else? This is a questions we don’t ask ourselves but tend to find ourselves believing the advertisements around us. When we step back we realize we can keep our house clean and our family a whole lot safer when when we follow these tips on How to Clean Using Natural Products. Continue reading

September 3, 2013

A Clean Kitchen in Under 15 Minutes a Day

Spend less than 15 minutes daily and still have a clean kitchen.

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In my house the kitchen is the hardest room to keep clean. When we are dividing up chores, I would rather clean the bathroom than tackle the kitchen. However, ignoring the kitchen just makes it even harder when it comes time to clean. In order to be fair to my husband, I have created a plan that lets me have a clean kitchen in under 15 minutes a day. Continue reading