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February 24, 2013

Chuck-E-Cheese:The Do’s and Don’ts (A List)


If you are a parent, then most likely, you have been to Chuck-E-Cheese. I just got back from our most recent trip to Chuck-E-Cheese about an hour ago, and I noticed while there, that *some* parents just don’t know the unspoken rules of Chuck-E-Cheese, (don’t you hate that!?) but it did give me some inspiration to write this post, so without further adieu…

The Do’s and Don’ts of Chuck-E-Cheese (A List)


  • First, Chuck-E-Cheese has no competition  (at least in my area) So DO plan accordingly. You will look mighty miserable trying to rock an infant to sleep at 4 pm on a Sunday, when there is at least 100 kids running around screaming and you are sitting  directly in front of one of the most popular games.
  • Always, always, always print some coupons before you go! It will save you on average about $10, which in parent world is a lot right!?A  DO for sure! Here is where you can print off your Chuck-E-Cheese Coupons.
  • DO Know where your Children are! I know this sounds like a silly addition, but while at Chuck-E-Cheese I saw 3 different kids being dragged around by employees looking like lost puppies because they had NO idea where their parents were!
  • Speaking of keeping up with your children, know what age is okay for your children to be running around by themselves. This age is different according to what your child’s personality is. A simple way to find this out it: If your 2 year old is running around with a pacifier in his/her mouth..they aren’t ready to be running around by themselves. I know that they stamp your hand with that invisible ink, but that is not going to stop them from running into the bathroom and dunking that pacifier in the toilet is it?  Don’t be that parent!
  • Now that we know how young is to young, lets talk about how old is to old. I see NO reason for a Teenager to be at Chuck-E-Cheese..I just don’t. (There are some exceptions, like if they are helping out with younger siblings or what not) But if you are old enough to work at Chuck-E-Cheese, I think it’s time to find something more age appropriate to do. It drives me nuts to see a 16 year old hogging a game and a million tickets. What are they going to do with those tickets? Get a super awesome Chuck-E-Cheese sticker book to decorate their locker at school with?
  • I Highly suggest trying other foods that are offered at Chuck-E-Cheese besides the Pizza.  As you might know from reading my other blog posts concerning my weight loss (If you haven’t read it, check it out HERE)I am making it a point to eat as healthy as I can,  so pizza is kind of a bad choice as far as dieting is concerned. Chuck-E-Cheese offers some awesome menu choices like their endless salad bar, Yummy Sandwiches, and even really good chicken wings!So make sure you DO check out all the yummy options on the Chuck-E-Cheese Menu.
  • Don’t be afraid to be stern! Some of the kids that are at Chuck-E-Cheese at any given time are heathens, and will try to jump your kid in line, not cool. Or my favorite, the older kids will run up to you younger kids (in my case a 4 year old) and ask them if they can have all your kids tokens. Umm..no? Go ask your parents!
  • Do make sure while you are online printing out your coupons that you stop by the Chuck-E-Cheese Game Section of their website and grab yourself some free tickets! I got 100 FREE Tickets for playing a cute little game on their website.
  • Don’t let your kid run around barefoot. I understand that they have a little play area that you have to take your shoes off and it’s a hassle trying to take their shoes off and on every time they want to go into the play tunnel, but please at least make sure they have socks on.  No Joke, I was in the bathroom today, the bathroom, and saw 3 kids running in there barefoot. That.is.disgusting.
  • Do know, that it is every man (or woman) for themselves in Chuck-E-Cheese. If you walk away from some tickets, I’m going to give you some time to notice your mistake, and if you don’t, I’m going to snatch them, and so is any other kid (or parent) that sees them. Know where your tickets are!
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff! Chances are, if you are at Chuck-E-Cheese you are celebrating something. (unless you have the funds to go just because, and in that case go you!) In our case, we were Celebrating my daughter being extra good this week and helping me with my reviews and giveaways!  While keeping this in mind, don’t get upset if your little one doesn’t want to sit down and eat, or spills ice cream all over their shirt, it’s supposed to be a FUN day, and will be a lot more fun for you if you don’t get upset over little things that may go wrong.

Well, there you have it, My Do’s and Don’t for surviving Chuck-E-Cheese! What are some of your Do’s and Don’ts for going to Chuck-E-Cheese??