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Gluten-Free Hershey’s Christmas Mice Recipe

Over the past ten years I have made the Hershey’s Kisses Mice recipe at Christmas several times. It is like conducting an art project. Each of these little morsels ends up having a different personality; it all depends upon the size and shape of the almonds for the ears, the way the Maraschino cherry stem curves or sticks up straight and how long the stem is, how the cherry and the Hershey’s Kiss come together after the cherry has been dipped, how large you make the red gel eyes and where they are positioned on the little Hershey’s Kiss face. It takes some time to put together just twenty of these little guys, but it always seems worth it when I am done. Never before I have I tried to make them gluten free. This year I discovered I have Celiac Disease (which means I can only eat gluten-free foods) so I took a look at the mice project through a gluten-free lens …. could the Hershey’s Mice be made gluten-free?Continue reading